Vanity License Plates for Electric MINI Coopers

Discussion in 'MINI Cooper SE' started by insightman, Sep 14, 2020 at 1:45 PM.

  1. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member

    The Tesla and Volt owners had a big head-start on grabbing up all the obvious custom license plates for electric cars. I know some people are reticent to have their license plates on the 'net for all to see, but it would seem that vanity plate owners would be happy to show them off.

    Here's a Secretary of State image of the vanity plate I ordered along with the custom license plate frame that is now at the mercy of the reduced-service USPS. I saw "Elektro" in the description of the MINI Cooper SE on a German website. Before that, I was thinking of ECOMINI as a slight double-entendré. For 20 years my gen-1 Insight hybrids wore IGO ECO plates, which would also work for a pure electric car.

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  2. Puppethead

    Puppethead Active Member

    I'm planning on my first-ever vanity plate, but I can't order it until I get my regular plates (still waiting for them after 30 days!). I tried real hard to get the dealer to file vanity plate paperwork for me at time of purchase, but they refused. Our DMV systems are a mess due to "upgrades" a few years ago, so I don't fault the dealer.

    I have to keep my ideas to myself until I get an approved plate, though.
  3. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member

    A very good plan, IMHO. Make a list of all your candidates so you can reveal them after your application is approved. Are you able to check online to see what plates are not already taken (or forbidden)?

    Being a vain person, I've spent a lot of time on Michigan's Secretary of State web page, checking on available vanity plates. Years ago I acquired a large PDF file of license plates Michigan has deemed unacceptable (many are unacceptable because they might be the number/letter combos used for regular license plates). It's amusing to peruse.
  4. Toi

    Toi Member

    I drive just asshole-ish enough that I think having a 'memorable' plate would be a detriment to my normal antics. :D
  5. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member

    One of my most useful personalized plates was the TOYATO plate on my old Toyota. It was a great joy to throw away parking tickets written for a Toyota plated TOYOTA. A rare instance when dyslexia can be helpful.
  6. Toi

    Toi Member

    nice... a guy around here had a 0O0O0O plate for a while before they took it away because the toll readers couldn't successfully determine his plate.
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  7. Puppethead

    Puppethead Active Member

    No way in my state to see what plates are taken, I've relied on Find By Plate, it's how I discovered my original choice of "NOICE" was already taken. I'm actually glad since I feel my new choice is better.
  8. Puppethead

    Puppethead Active Member

    Reminds me of this XKCD comic (great science-y comic):

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  9. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member

    Michigan plates don't allow the letter oh. You can't tell the zero from an oh on the plate, but it's obvious it's a zero on the registration slip. Vanity plates cannot be all-numeric, so the 0000000 plate would not be available.
  10. Matt Shumaker

    Matt Shumaker Member

    Our plate is "MINI EL"

    In Illinois, EL plates are for electric cars. However, vanity plates can eliminate the EL if you would like. However, no one thought to ask for MINI EL. So, we got it.

    Oh, my Model 3 plate is "TESLA EL".
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