Valve adjustment

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by David in TN, Sep 19, 2022.

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  1. David in TN

    David in TN Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know what the specs are for 2018 Clarity intake and exhaust valve adjustment?

    I think Google laughed at me when I searched!!

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  3. MrFixit

    MrFixit Well-Known Member

    I don't know the answer, but I believe the engine is the same as was used in the Insight so perhaps Google would not laugh as hard if you looked for Insight spec's ?
  4. MrFixit

    MrFixit Well-Known Member

    Google is laughing at me now too !
    The best I can tell, the Gen3 Insight engine (2019-2022) is close to the Clarity (but probably not identical). The Insight engine is an LEB-MMC and the Clarity seems to be a LEB-MF. Both are 1.5L I4 engines, but the Clarity is listed to have higher horsepower 211 vs. 149. They do both use the same cylinder head assembly (12100-5P6-J03) so the valve train is identical.

    This is all moot anyway because I could not find valve clearance spec's for either !

    Maybe someone here who has access to the online service manual can look up the specs for the Clarity ??
  5. David in TN

    David in TN Well-Known Member

    The Clarity has higher horsepower because of the EV motor being stronger.

    The Insight and Clarity use the same spark plugs.

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  6. MrFixit

    MrFixit Well-Known Member

    The reference I saw for the 211 vs. 149 seemed to be specifically for the ICE, but perhaps it was referring to the entire power train. I know there has been a lot of chatter / controversy in the forum about the context of horsepower... I prefer to stay away from those arguments because they seem to go nowhere. The bottom line is that the Gen4 Insight undoubtedly has the same valve clearance as the Clarity because the entire valve train is the same. It doesn't help however because we can't find insight valve specs either.

    Are you hearing some valve noise, or just thinking ahead?
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  8. ClarityBill

    ClarityBill Active Member

    This is the data on
    It is specific to the Clarity:

    Valve Clearance
    0.21-0.25 mm (0.0083-0.0098 in)
    0.25-0.29 mm (0.0098-0.0114 in)
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  9. David in TN

    David in TN Well-Known Member

    Not hearing any noise. When the code comes up for plugs, it is tied to "valve adjustment" as well. Since I'm at 176k miles, I figure it wouldn't hurt to just go ahead and adjust them. I can tell a difference after replacing the plugs. the electrode was significantly worn.
  10. David in TN

    David in TN Well-Known Member

    Thank you for this information!!! I appreciate it!
  11. David in TN

    David in TN Well-Known Member

    Here's a comparison of the old vs new plugs. I think I verbally said "yikes!" 20220918_181946.jpeg

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  13. gedwin

    gedwin Member

    Honestly, that doesn’t look bad to me for a used plug. Beige is a good color to see for the insulator, and no signs of oil. You should have seen what I pulled out of our Pilot at 105K miles two weeks ago if you think yours were bad!

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  14. MrFixit

    MrFixit Well-Known Member

    What is also interesting is that the new plug has what looks like a point on the ground electrode. There is no sign of that on the old one (worn away?), which seems to make the gap MUCH bigger than it should be.
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  15. Yes, it does seem that plug erosion would be more impactful on the twin tip iridium plugs than on standard. I think the iridium tips are supposed to minimize the erosion.

    Are you sure the original plugs were twin tips? The specified plug is a NGK DILZKAR7C11H. I don't see anything indicating it's a twin tip...

    (edit: it does look like the DILZKAR7C11H specified for replacement are twin tip. I wonder if those were installed from the factory, or perhaps they installed others that are not twin tip)
  16. MrFixit

    MrFixit Well-Known Member

    This story gets crazier and crazier. Spark plugs used to be generic.

    In this case, it seems to be quite specialized. The only references I can find for the specified part (DILZKAR7C11H) is for either the Clarity or the Insight. It looks like it might be somehow customized for Honda (P/N 12290-5WJ-A01). I can't even find this part on any of the NGK pages (either by searching for the part number, or searching for a part for the Clarity). There are very similar parts, but not identical - for instance there is a DILZKAR7C11S (NGK 90137) here:
    but the 'compatibility checker" says it is not compatible.

    If you look for spark plugs for the Clarity at Auto Zone, Advance Auto, and NAPA you won't find any !
    Rock Auto comes up with a Bosch 96328 which is a Double Iridium plug, but not sure if it is really equivalent.

    There was an old interesting post from one of our wisest fellow owners Kentucky Ken regarding spark plugs here:
    Ken apparently thought that this plug mapped to the NGK 90137 referenced above, but NGK does not agree.

    It's not like you can't find the exact, correct part... You can google it and it pops up readily (both from Honda, Amazon, and others). You have to be very careful to check the part number precisely because there are other, very similar variants to the part number. These are fairly expensive plugs too (~$25 each), but hopefully they would only need replacement once in the life of the car.

    Correction - I think this exact part may be only available at a Honda dealer (or on-line Honda OEM parts outlet)...
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2022
  17. MrFixit

    MrFixit Well-Known Member

    I contacted NGK about this plug (or any plug for the Clarity). This is what they said:

    Thank you for contacting us.
    NGK does not currently make a plug for that vehicle available to the aftermarket.
    The only way to purchase NGK plugs which are compatible is to purchase from Honda dealership.

    This is another example of a Honda policy that makes us captive to the dealers for what should be a routine part. I'm sure there must be an aftermarket equivalent, but nobody lists anything other than the Bosch (Rock Auto) in the previous post.
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2022
  18. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber


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