V2H - does anyone have experience with this?

Discussion in 'Energy' started by Sans Ice, Mar 27, 2019.

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  1. Sans Ice

    Sans Ice New Member

    I have seen, youtube on line, people using simple power inverters clipped on to evs to power houshold items in power outages. Does anyone employ a system that will power the solar inverter and the house for backup power using an EV that is a little more robust? I know Nissan was developing a V2H system

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  3. TheMagster

    TheMagster Member

    This is very interesting for me. I've seen in the My Nissan Leaf forums different folks say that you should never ever hook anything up to the negative terminal on the Leaf's 12V battery, as it can mess up the voltage detection circuit that keeps that battery charged from the main Li-Ion battery pack. This video says the opposite. Anyone know which is correct?

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  4. Walt R

    Walt R Active Member

    Here's some discussion on the topic from Honda:

    I also saw a fullycharged video with a company doing it in Europe.


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