Turning my 06 Xb into Green Envy EV/XB

Discussion in 'Other EVs' started by HulkSmash, Apr 2, 2018.

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  1. HulkSmash

    HulkSmash New Member

    I have decided to convert my 2006 Scion XB RS 3.0 from ICE to all electric, with parts from a Nissan LEAF. I have thought about this for a while now, and decided to start the actual planning of the conversion now. It will take some time and a bit of money to achieve this, but they have improved the range on the 60-kWh Nissan LEAF and it would return 225-plus miles per charge. Please let me know what you think about this, along with any suggestions you might have as well. I also need to find an Electrical Engineer to help with the design, if you know somebody have them PM me.[​IMG][​IMG]


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  3. That's a pretty awesome sounding project. I have a special place in my heart for the xB. Also, one of the early EV's available was an xB conversion from AC Propulsion.

    One thing in your favor is the front wheel drive set up. I'm not sure if I follow what your battery plan is. Use one from a 2019 60kWh LEAF?

    I'm sure others have done some LEAF drivetrain swaps before. I'd do a search over at DIY Electric Car forums.

    Looking forward to seeing how this progresses.

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