Turned off seat belt warning and enabled entering navigation while driving

Discussion in 'ID.4' started by OneEV, May 25, 2024.

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  1. OneEV

    OneEV Active Member Subscriber

    Using OBD Eleven was able to turn off seat belt warning chime and also enable th eability to enter address in Navigation while driving. Pulling off to the side of the interstate just to enter and address far more dangerous than entering while driving IMO.


    Nothing more frustrating than an over bearing nag :D

    14 months now in my 2023 ID 4 . amazed how well built , hardly any rattles after almost 44,000 hard muiles driving Uber
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  3. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    If your contributions to InsideEVs' forums suddenly cease, we'll all believe we know why. Doesn't the ID.4's nav system accept voice input? Or is that still on Cariad's lengthy to-do list?
  4. OneEV

    OneEV Active Member Subscriber


    Morning insightman

    Yeah no different than entering Radio Station. Still no Mic on the keyboard and I run android auto with Uber so the Voice control button on the steering wheel ..between the 2 always issues. Besides the fact that you have to roll up all the windows and speak very very slowly for it to understand.

    You know whats really dangerous though is the lane centering HANDS free for 15 seconds that VW allows. Never allow it hands free on a road you dont know. ! I about ran off the road twice when I first got the ID 4 last year before understanding it had severe limitations. thats what should be disabled. I dont see FSD/ full driving ever becoming a reality other than some premapped streets . Just far too many variables
  5. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    FSD may be a pie in the sky, but accurate, noise-tolerant voice recognition should be do-able now. Hopefully, VW will get that working better and upgrade your ID.4. Also, seamless integration of Android/iOS systems should be do-able now.
  6. Paul K

    Paul K Active Member

    Yes you can use voice to navigate. Start with "Hello ID". Soon (hopefully) the line "What would you like to do?" will appear on screen. Then you say "Navigate to <<street #>> << street name >> <<and municipality if out of present area>> ". It's actually easier than manually typing things in on the screen.
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  8. OneEV

    OneEV Active Member Subscriber

    Paul the problem is that you have to turn down radio, roll up windows and sometimes turn down fan for heat/acc for the ID 4 to actually hear/ get the correct information it's pretty bad. Much easier to simply type the first 2-3 digits/letters and have the address pop up.

    13 months going on 45K miles now !

    Speaking of "Hello ID 4 " thats the next thing i am turning off. Constally thinking I am or my passengers are talking to it... Imagine picking up 15-20 people a day and every person . what Kind of car is this .. Well it's the "ID 4" ..shattt .... "then the car starts talking ..or the passenger..hey is this an ID 4..lol.

    So anyway that's next getting turned off, cant believe I left it on this long ;)
  9. OneEV

    OneEV Active Member Subscriber

    Hey Paul.. Check it out , was watchinng Bjorn vid on the latest ID 4 .. VW turned off the "you cant touch while in motion" @ the 6:06 mark


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