Toyota bZ4X Concept is vanguard for coming Beyond Zero EVs

Discussion in 'bZ4X' started by Domenick, Apr 19, 2021.

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  1. Third times a charm!

    Toyota is finally getting into selling all-electric vehicles, maybe this time for good. It originally sold a RAV4 EV from 1997-2003, and then partnered with Tesla on another RAV4 EV 2012-2014.

    Now, it's revealed a very RAV4-like EV concept. This time, though, it gets the name bZ4X. Kind of just rolls off the tongue, does it not? The bZ in the name stands for Beyond Zero, which is going to be attached to a number of electric vehicles coming from Toyota over the next few years - seven, in fact, by 2025. (side note: Toyota may have 15 all-electric vehicles over these next four years)

    But back to the bZ4X. First, it will come to the U.S. (no sooner than mid-2022, probably a bit later), so that's awesome. It will be built in Japan as well as China, where it will also be sold. It's being developed in collaboration with Subaru, so don't be surprised if there is a version of it for that brand as well.

    There aren't a lot of technical details on it yet, aside from it's being built on the e-TNGA platform. There are pictures, though, and I was struck by how close this concept is to being production-ready. The exterior design isn't too far out there, and the interior could be the inside of a Toyota today. Or yesterday, for that matter.



    Interesting to see here how in compares dimensionally with the RAV4.
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  3. This video also provides a nice look at the exterior and a bit of the interior.

  4. SeanH

    SeanH Active Member

    That driver's side dashboard is... interesting. I think I'd prefer a normal digital gauge cluster and a HUD.
    In the photos, the center console looks a bit confining -- an odd choice, especially considering that there isn't a drive shaft under it.
    I do like the copious amount of buttons (I'm looking at you M3/Y and ID4).
    The wood(?) inlays look more like a Lexus than a Toyota (I've never been a fan of wood in cars, but that's just me)

    Overall, it looks nice. I've been missing Toyota reliability ever since I got rid of my 2008 Prius (which had 100k miles on it and the only non-consumable that ever had to be fixed/replaced was the exhaust/muffler).
    Not sure I'm going to make it to late 2022 (and it may be a bit bigger than I want), but at least they've eaten the humble pie and finally decided to make EVs.
    PS: Where's my plug-in hybrid Sienna?
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  5. I think one of the big take-aways from this debut is that Toyota's presence in this segment is greatly missed. There's a huge amount of positive sentiment for the brand for its reliability. And, since they're pioneers in hybrid tech, people already associate Toyota with electric vehicles. That may sound odd, since they don't offer an EV, but this Cargurus survey recently found it number two behind Tesla.
  6. i'm sold! kinda...they need a electric prius to join the fray!!!!
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