Toyota bZ4x Concept American debut walkaround video

Discussion in 'bZ4X' started by Domenick, Jun 3, 2021.

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  1. The Toyota bZ4x concept made its North American debut and our sister site Motor1 shot a walkaround video.

    I think it's much easier to get a realistic idea of what it looks like here, and the host brings up interesting points as he walks around. There some good interior shots as well.

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  3. No mention of off-road capabilities, just that it is a cross-over... which is what everyone claims these days. That would be my interest in this car... Maybe the Subaru version will give more details in that regard.
  4. I would imagine Subaru will try to differentiate by underling any off-road abilities it might have. What kind of off-roading would you like to do? Is there a specific ability, like locking differentials, you're interested in?
  5. We have a cabin with a very rough FSR road the last 16 kms. We have a Subaru Crosstrek that handles it very well. It has K02s and 9.2 inches clearance, more than most pick-ups. So I want something like that. I also go on other off-road treks for hiking and sight seeing. Again, only a very capable 4WD or AWD with lots of clearance can handle these trails.

    But so far there is no BEV that I know of that is capable for this type of off-roading.
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  7. Nope, Wranglers are rock crawlers, not good for this road. They ride very rough and bounce around over bumps and holes, and on the washboard. And they are downright dangerous with their swaying on the corners, esp on a steep downhill. This is a steep mountain road. Subaru hugs the road with the permanent AWD and stays straight. Even trucks (better than Jeeps though) are not the greatest. We cut out 15 min of time when we got the Subaru over what it took us with our previous truck.

    There is a Crosstrek PHEV which is also good for off-road, but I want a BEV.
  8. Really did not know your road at all and embarrassing for me I never seen a steep mountain road. Hopefully soon there be a BEV that meets your needs.


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