Tires (Summer/Winter/All-Season)

Discussion in 'Cooper SE' started by Puppethead, Sep 7, 2020.

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  1. bmartinez028

    bmartinez028 Active Member

    Wear is about even between the two. Both cars have about 15k miles. My main gripe with the P7s would be the ride. Seems spongy and exaggerates every road imperfection. The Goodyears just seem to roll down the road so much smoother.

    Hoping for some feedback on Michelin Pilot Sport 5 before the time comes to replace the Pirellis.
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  3. SameGuy

    SameGuy Well-Known Member Subscriber

    I find the F1s surprisingly loud. Like dodgeball-noise loud.
  4. SameGuy

    SameGuy Well-Known Member Subscriber

    I can get them in 205/45-17 in Canada. Anybody have the Euro-label?

    ETA: C for efficiency like the PS4...

  5. Rexsio

    Rexsio Well-Known Member

    I’m on Hankooks factory OM Summer high performance they not loud at all I advise you to check tire pressure some people on forum inflat them 40 / 35 rear inflate them to factory front 35 rear 32 and you see a difference also if they 17 “ the wall of tire is narrower than 16” as I read everywhere a 16” have a bigger range and more comfortable ride if you overinflated tires they like riding on stones and if is hot from 35 PSI you have 40 at least PSI always inflate tires as they COLD
  6. sousvide

    sousvide Member

    I'm on my 3rd set of tires with 37K miles in just over 2 years 2 months with the SE.

    Original Hankook only lasted around 12K miles.

    Oct 2022 switched to Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 Plus. These are not run flat tires with 70K mile tread warranty.

    Apr 2024 I noticed the tread pretty low when rotating tires on the Ecopia with around 36K miles.
    Discount tire said Bridgestone would give me credit towards new tires from the Ecopia since I wasn't near the 70K mark.
    Switched to Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack sized 205/55 R16, slightly wider tires with 80k mile tread warranty.

    I noticed the cabin slightly quieter and less road noise but this could be because of new tires. Car feels more planted but feels a little bit sluggish.

    Once thing I noticed was when I would drive through a school zone that has a speed indicator, my speed was always 3 mph lower than indicated in the car with the OEM size tires. Now with the slightly wider tire the speed is identical now in the same speed indicator.

    I also noticed that since I've been on these new tires for a month, my GOM has been lower than previously indicated. I always go by % anyways but did notice this was interesting. I know in my previous Model Y Performance that I could choose rim sizes to recalculate range but the SE you can't.

    I wonder if the ECU some how compensates this with different rim/tire sizes.
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  8. Puppethead

    Puppethead Well-Known Member

    That's standard on MINI (all BMW?) vehicles, every MINI I've owned has been like that. Except my SE, which seems to match the actual speed. But I seem to be in the minority on that.
  9. ghost

    ghost Active Member

    I'm still running the stock size 195/55 on r16 rims. Always about 2 mph under the speedometer. 37k after 2 yr 6 months. On the Firehawk Indys after wearing down the stock Hankooks. I'm looking for a new set of tires. Think I got about 19k out of the kooks.
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  10. pictsidhe

    pictsidhe Well-Known Member

    Has anyone tried Extremecontact Sport 02s? I can't find anything about rolling resistance.
  11. Ssbg58

    Ssbg58 New Member

    2024 SE here with stock 205/45/17. Roads around me are bad, woried about potholes. I have a awesome deal for 4 winter tires used one season for $200, but same size as stock.

    I would like to buy winter rims, debating if should jump on the used tires for $200 or get taller ones. Has anyone run 205/55 x17"? Should I go 16" instead?
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  13. pictsidhe

    pictsidhe Well-Known Member

    16" all year long! My Nokian WRG4s all weathers are great. Very little range loss at summer/winter crossover temperatures. Pretty damn good on snow and ice. I am in NC, so the more all season bias of these works perfectly for me. If you are in the frozen wastelands of Canuckia or North/Central USA, you may want to go for Hakkas, instead.
  14. vader

    vader Well-Known Member

    Im sure I replied 20 or so pages ago, but to reiterate....

    205/45/17 Yokohama AD09 semi slick track tyre. Drops about 10% range - who cares when the car drives *better* than a go kart with these things on. Not deadly in the rain, which was a surprise. I wouldn't want to try to aquaplane though.
  15. Ssbg58

    Ssbg58 New Member

    Anyone can recommend white 16" light rims or has a picture of one? I have white roof/mirror caps and I think the white rims will looks awesome in the winter.

    Are TPMS sensors Mini/BMW/German? specific or are they all finally standardized? All previous cars either didn't have TPMS, or were using ABS sensor (not precise).
  16. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    Any major tire chain can program their TPMS sensors to work with your MINI. Discount Tire supplied the sensors for my winter wheels.
  17. ghost

    ghost Active Member

    Just a heads up for those of you that can shop at Costco and are looking for a summer tire: they have the Bridgestone Potenza RE71RS for $170/tire and the Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 for $140/tire (for 195/55r16). There's an instant rebate that makes the final price after tax/fees to about the same price per tire. Then, if you have or open a Firestone CC, you can get an additional $130 off in the form of a rebate CC card if you buy the Indy 500, which makes the price $107/tire. I think there's a similar rebate for the Bridgestones, but I didn't calculate it b/c I'm going to buy my second set of the Indy 500s. I'd like to try the RE71RS, but they're about 25% more expensive and have about 2/3 of the tire wear. The Costco instant rebate lasts until 7/21 and the Firestone/Bridgestone offer runs until the beginning of September.
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  18. pictsidhe

    pictsidhe Well-Known Member

    RE71RS are autocross tyres. You will be stunned at the grip and handling, horrified by the wear. I hear that they are the least scary autocross tyres in the rain.
    Go on, put 15s on, you know you want to.
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  19. DisgruntledSanta

    DisgruntledSanta Active Member


    I had the predecessor, the RE56 (IIRC) on my Miata years ago, and those things were flipping glue. So much fun for spirited drives once they warmed up. They wore out after 20k+-, and were horrid in the cold (both shocking, sic). When I was shopping for new tires, I saw the RE71r and how much gripper - and lower life - it was. Absolutely unbelievable. How could any street tire be that much gripper than the re56?. People were turning 1s quicker autocross times with the 71 over the 56! I wanted them, but I was in a different stage of life than I was when I bought the RE56. Ahhh well. !C’est le vie!


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