The results were predictable

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    The result was predictable. In the US we now have a system based on bribery (e.g. allowing a 'sponsored media' and resultant captured legislature and law, money as speech doctrine : bribery as speech doctrine and the media lobbying complex based on it instead of bribery as felony or nepotism as felony) and abstraction (e.g. corporate veiling, corporate personhood, non-review of charters,) and extraction (a Ponzi scheme stock market and trickle down tax policy that doesn't properly tax non-contributing unearned income- the fed reserve system of private banking debt peonage...) Even more basic than all this garbage, we tried to base our system on parasitism. In our organizations the people who make the plans are not the people who carry out the plans with a check of transparency- we insisted there was a specialty called "telling people what to do," instead of helping people find their own voices we've made the idiocy of 'leadership' into a religion. No, what we have is a system where backseat long distance parasites extract all the gains. And after impoverishing the people who contribute so they can't become competitors, they shift all the risk onto these people so they bear all losses.

    Instead of a collaborative system we have a debt driven oil patch plantation that must have ever increasing public and private debt or collapse. It is an obviously unsustainable debt based oil patch plantation now pulling every lever it can from race, to immigration to petrol employee's being taken hostage against labor by their wage slaving masters. Hey, how we let the state treat immigrants who have (certain inalienable rights) is exactly how this state which we make up will treat us tomorrow. And now a figurehead whose claim to fame was pampering Manhattan plutocrats while doing reality TV "your fired" is presiding over the fall- a perfect symbol of the fall. To make it great again we have to focus on intrinsic equality, equity and freedom. It surprising that those who claim to focus on freedom don't understand there is no freedom without equality because otherwise someone who claims to be greater will say it is for your own good that he takes your freedom.

    Fossil fuels post 1950, but especially 1970 were as dumb and backwards as the anti-bellum South and allowing them to continue was like letting the South win the Civil War. For us now it is the exact same issue but on a global scale, it is a war against slavery in all of its forms including its wage slave forms in an era of Quantum AI Neural nets.

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