The coming bankruptcy of Goldman and Morgan and their ilk

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, May 19, 2018.

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  1. 101101

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    It will frankly be a huge service to humanity. Any company dumb enough to invest in insuring worthless petrol debt, so worthless and such junk grade that by law its blind- imagine that- blind debt and insuring it(pure insanity,) any such company and there are a lot in the US financial scene- is going bankrupt. Its way beyond criminal negligence because they had their massive warning with the 2007 crash. And remember this is just them insuring literally junk assets that are not just increasingly politically stranded but they are also concretely economically stranded as well. This is like some sort of faith based double down on the worst bets ever placed to the point that collapse is a certainty- they did this knowingly. But they always think they will profit from the reset except they won't because there is no future for petrol fuel/energy as the scarcity inducing scam is out and the world is leaving it behind.

    Also think about what will now inevitably drive this. In global negotiations the new green economies will tell the US as I am sure they have for some time now already: you have tariff walls because you have a backwards non competitive radically obsolete ridiculous totally unnecessary petrol fuel energy ball-and-chain that you are letting drag down and destroy your economy while you hide behind tariffs and we leave you behind in the dust. There is no way to remediate this situation with petrol and petrol derivatives (which is what most derivatives have always been about- a scam) or to continue to rescue unnecessary petrol fuel energy, the costs have long since moved beyond what is sustainable. This is akin to the Titanic being technically sunk for quite a while before it quickly went under. There is no too big to fail here. It has failed. The tariffs are the bow of the ship under the waves.

    These parasite firms are going to be destroyed and their way of doing business eliminated. I predict their fat cats will flee like the Nazis but they will be extradited. So be wise divest these firms and any firm that comes within a thousand miles of any kind of derivative investments. You want to test what I am telling you? Ask any firm that has derivatives what those derivatives actually are and where the money is actually going? And then research it yourself. Guessing you'll hate the answers.
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