Tesla outsold Porsche (ICE + EV) in Germany in Q1

Discussion in 'Tesla' started by 101101, Apr 8, 2021.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Tesla was able to do this before any made in Germany Tesla models were available and while the Model S & X lines were down for retro for the full quarter. Now it is true that the Model 3 and Model Ys Tesla was selling cost less than most Porsches, its also true that those two models out perform most Porsches or in objective terms essentially destroy every ICE Porsche and mash the Taycan with its subpar range and turns out to be slow charging speed (look at the new limitations Porsche just released) on and on. Might be part of the reason VW announced it is looking to spin off (sht-can) Porsche. And lets keep in mind that by revenue Model 3 has been the top grossing car in the US beating Camry and Accord. Also in Germany, Tesla is now up to half the sales of Toyota and 10x the sales of Honda and 11x the sales of Lexus.

    During a period where Mercedes said they were down by about 10% in Germany Tesla was up by 83%. Remember Mercedes is looking to sht can its hydrogen truck division too (so that is hopeful.) But really have to laugh at BMW claiming it was only down by 2.5%. Really why? It has be a lot more than that!!! BMW still can't understand its customers not only don' want obsolete ICE turds they don't want increasingly huge guppy mouth grills and chintzy plastic trash affixed to the cars that make them look like Mirai. Its like when your styling gets so lame you just randomly change stuff so you can claim you have new model because something random but increasingly ugly changed. Was it supposedly only down by 2.5% because SAP (the partner and former acquisition target of NG pusher Microsoft) was saying it bought a bunch of BMW hybrids which have been shown to be dirtier than stock gas and diesel cars (what is that- Diesel gate 3 after hydrogen?) despite its employees by its own admission overwhelmingly asking for Teslas because per SAP Teslas didn't have enough service centers to rip SAP off BMW style- because of course Teslas don't have enough moving parts to require rip off centers and SAP couldn't figure out it could get someone else besides a BMW service center to rip it off for car washes? Also Jaguar down 53% in Germany while Tesla is up 83%- where is the Jag iPace Tesla killer now?

    In similar news EV have had a massive surge in the UK with gas and diesel way way down and pure BEVs way way up but curiously Tesla was excluded from the reporting figures to make VW-Porsche/Mercedes/BMW look like they aren't getting thumped by Tesla.

    The ad( sponsored media) industry is the heart of lying and basing current society on bribery and conflicts of interest. No wonder the sponsored infomercial media doesn't really cover this stuff as they are paid not to by their ads in lieu of direct bribes and interlocking captured boards and system of prostitute politicians that can be selected and bought through the same captured circle jerk process. The US media in particular has discredited itself. But remember it doesn't exist in isolation. Do you like sponsored doctors with sponsored educations in sponsored debt practicing sponsored medicine and sponsored public health? Do you like be propagandized and being encouraged to be propagandized and have your kids propagandized? You may think oh its all ok because its private so its not real propaganda even if oligarchic. Wrong! Ask your self who has the real fiat money printing machine? State technocrats still drive this cycle. So women have less reproductive freedom just as the technocrats are letting you know they have more freedom to inject you with what every they please- not that don't already modify you routinely through the air, water, food and mosquitoes. See how if we had better truth matching systems (hope is on AI here) even conflict of interest free media, see how if we had that we might have better odds?
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    You may want to look at February/March to avoid a likely COVID-19 peak. It takes about 6 weeks for a COVID-19 wave to pass and the Christmas and New Years plus 6-8 weeks would be a better target.

    Bob Wilson

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