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Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Paul DeLeon, Nov 12, 2019.

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  1. Yeah, my feeling exactly. Most of the level 2 chargers around here have both types of connectors so now I should be able to use either one.

    The adapter didn't come with any kind of carrying case (it should, for $200 !) but it fits perfectly in the Hyundai zip case that came with my level 1 charger, so I just put it in there and stuck it under the trunk where it belongs. Now I have it with me at all times.
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  3. Kavi66

    Kavi66 New Member

    Was in Whistler, BC over the weekend and stayed at the Fairmont. They have what appears to be more than 10 destination chargers. I am glad I brought the tesla tap along with me. It worked perfectly and I was getting 6.5 kw/hr of charge.

    Saw some other kona's and various EV's plugged into 110V plugs probably getting 5km of range per hour.
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  4. Do the Tesla owners give you the evil eye for using "their" chargers? I've encountered a few Tesla owners who won't even acknowledge me at regular chargers. I know they aren't all like that but they are getting a bad rep, imho.
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  5. In my limited use I have on both occasions drawn slightly more power from the Tesla charger. (about 7% more)
  6. You're right to put it in quotes and that's the point, they aren't "Their" chargers. Even if they were, hypothetically, that would mean the J-1772 chargers are NOT "theirs" - but they use them anyway don't they? Yes, they do. So if they use chargers that aren't "theirs" then we can do the same. And that's the argument if we even accept the hypothetical that free chargers with a Tesla logo owned and paid for by a grocery store, etc, are "theirs" - which I don't accept that hypothetical. Just noting, even if I did, they still lose the argument b/c they use the J-1772 chargers.

    I drove up to 2 free chargers on Sunday, one Tesla , one J-1772. I was going to use the J-1772 but someone else wanted it so I used my adapter and used the Tesla one instead. If a Tesla owner had been around and complained I would have reminded them that sometimes I've shown up and Teslas were using both, and other times, before I had my adapter, I'd had multiple occasions when I showed up only to find a Tesla using the J-1772 connector but the Tesla connector was not in use (I realize the currently charging car probably didn't have the option of using the Tesla when they arrived and that's how we got to this situation) and then I would politely explain that unless and until every Tesla owner on the planet agrees to never use J-1772 chargers (which is never going to happen and not possible) they have nothing to complain about and to get out of my face. My coworker has a Tesla and does not disagree with my position, and neither would most reasonable Tesla owners , I believe. Just like I don't have a problem when a Tesla pulls up and the Tesla charger is in use so they use the J-1772 instead. If it's free to me it can be free to them too, and vice versa.

    In case it's not obvious, I'm not talking about Tesla Superchargers. I don't use those, I don't think I should be allowed to (even if it was possible which it isn't) and I have no problem with that.
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  8. ericy

    ericy Well-Known Member

    I have seen a Tesla using "our" 50kW DCFC with a chademo dongle. Almost certainly using that one because it is free.
  9. My son has one of those for his Model 3, paid $600+ for it. But he wanted it so he could also go places where there are no super chargers, just Chademo/CCS ones (BC Hydro chargers).
  10. Whoa, ok now I feel better about the $195 I shelled out for the Tesla adapter for my Kona.
  11. Ev050

    Ev050 New Member

    Yeah! I was just wondering about that!

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  13. ericy

    ericy Well-Known Member

    The Tesla owner who I ran into at one of "our" chargers wanted to talk my ear off. He was telling me all about his trip to Yellowstone, and the difficulties in planning a route to get there in an EV (Montana and the Dakotas have pretty poor EV infrastructure).
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  14. WV sucks too, it's a wasteland for Level 3 charging (well, except for Tesla, I guess). Most of the Tesla people I've met have been really nice and friendly too. I noticed the other day when I unplugged and backed out to leave, a Tesla backed out from the next section of the parking lot over and made a beeline for the charger I was using. So clearly he was waiting and he didn't like leave me a nasty note on my windshield or anything. I'd be willing to bet the average Tesla driver has zero problem with everyone using level 2 chargers no matter what type they are.
  15. Alexstd

    Alexstd New Member

    So how does it work when you get to the tesla charger? What app you need to start that ?
  16. With an adapter Mattsburg mentioned you can use a level 2 Tesla "destination" charger. You just plug in, you typically don't need any app. You cannot use a Tesla supercharger even with an adapter as that network will only work exclusively with Teslas. Each Tesla has an unique electronic ID that is linked to a Tesla account and communicates via the onboard telematics and the supercharger network whenever they plug in.
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  17. Alexstd

    Alexstd New Member

    Ok thx. Here in Quebec I need an app tout start the charger (charge point, circuit electrique etc)
  18. Got it, but that's the same as it would be for the J1772 connector, I thought you meant do you need an app to use/enable the adapter.

    For me it depends on where I'm at, some locations are just free Tesla style chargers at shopping areas, for those I just plug in the adapter and then plug it into my car charging port. But yeah, if it's not free, I can use the Chargepoint app, etc, to turn on the charger.
  19. hobbit

    hobbit Well-Known Member

    I just picked up one of the Lectron items, and more importantly had time to
    evaluate its innards and then go test it on a public L2 charger. I added a section
    to the bottom of my "scary charging widgets" page. The key thing to note is
    that it's completely passive, and I still don't know what electronic hackery
    the other makers thought necessary. It JFW for me.

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  20. Best as I'm aware as long as the second DIP switch inside the Tesla destination charger is 'down,' 'legacy' mode enabled, that sorts out the protocol. In NZ Tesla uses the Type 2 so we don't need an adapter.
  21. Information these aliens could have made use of:
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  22. FYI - I am occasionally seeing discounted Lectron chargers for sale on Kijiji. I suspect that many users don't realize there is a protocol to using them successfully, then flog them on Kijiji when the d*mn thing doesn't work. Seems you need to read and follow the directions, which is not typical behavior for us men.

    I picked mine up for $80CAD last month, and it was in its original packaging so presumably not swiped from an unattended EV. At that price it is worth it for me because it opens up my choice of hotels for road-tripping. Speaking of theft, I can probably padlock the Lectron to a loop in the charger cord to prevent its disappearance. So far the charging has worked every time.
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