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Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by MCSqrd, Jul 6, 2018.

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    It’s crazy how much confusion there is. Considering this is the biggest ticket sale any Hyundai dealer has ever made, they would have their facts clear before taking solid orders.

    I don’t blame them though - they are getting bits and pieces of info. Probably only 1 of the higher ups in Hyundai Canada has the real info.

    Like I mentioned earlier, they could not even verify the warranty details. The video I saw on YouTube from Hyundai Canada mentioned an 8 year Electrical Systems warranty. When I asked them to clarify they mentioned it’s probably just the battery. I doubt it. “Systems” sounds like more than a battery to me - but who knows. Does anybody have any concrete info on the warranty?
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    I think it will be the same as the Ioniq. This is from the info. on the Ioniq. At the end of the pdf in small writing there is quite a bit of info about systems. This isn't concrete info, but close enough lol.

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    Oh brother! It just keeping getting worse. You have to wonder what is happening at head office? I remember special ordering my C-Max PHEV and it was all smooth as can be. I thought waiting for it for 12 weeks was an eternity, but in hindsight it was fast compared to this Hyundai ordering.
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    Thanks so much CJC... for those who can’t find the tiny blurb I extracted it.

    ††††EV System includes motor, inverter unit, VCM, reduction gear, DC/DC converter, onboard charger and connector, trickle charge cable, in cable control box and high voltage battery.

    Makes sense.
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  5. I was checking out the Hyundai website tonight and we could be getting a Genesis (their luxury brand) for the same price we're paying for the Kona. The Genesis gets delivered to your door and if you need service they'll pick it up. They can't even manage to send us an email update.
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    I called my dealer today and he said that the date that they will build my car will be January 18th. I said that I am very suprised that this information was coming from him because Hyundai said in an email that "KONA Electric is scheduled to be built in December 2018 and your estimated delivery date is expected in February 2019. I asked him why I didn't get this information directly from the company? He couldn't answer. I told him that there was a ship in New West being unloaded and he knew nothing about it. I said that there were Kona ev's onboard and that there were going to be delivered across the country and again he knew nothing about any of this stuff. Poor very very poor. I don't blame the dealer on one hand but on the other it IS there job to warm up the phone lines and get answers for some of the burning questions and to act as an advocate for there customers and to earn the trust of there customers and to earn their business. There rant over (for now) stay tuned
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  7. I agree, Wade. While I sympathize with dealers having to navigate Hyundai's inscrutable approach to communications I don't hold them blameless. They could have been actively contacting and cultivating customers using their pre-order lists, alleviating anxiety, sharing what (little) they know. They haven't. They've been passive. Also, they haven't exactly demonstrated any curiosity or interest in the EV. There's a lot of info about specs and price and warrantees out there. Heck, most customers know more about the product and the situation than the dealers. That's just laziness on their part.
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  8. Apologies. WAYNE!
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    Was at my Calgary AB dealer yesterday; discussed the problems we describe on the forums. He had some more info from corporate, so we priced my Ceramic Blue Ultimate.

    $ 51,999 + $200 pearl paint +$20. tire tax + $6. Alta dealer assn. tax + $495 admin + $1,085 delivery + $2,636 GST: totals out at $56.4 K. So about the same price as the Bolt Premium. A far cry from the $43.7 K he quoted when I put down my deposit on 9th August.
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  10. Wayne Warde

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    Well that's really creating up on the Tesla price
  11. I was noodling around with math too. It's just a breath away from $61,000 here in Ontario + rims, winter tires and sensors plus the $3000 cost I've already sunk into a charging station and this little electric car whim is costing me 65k. Unbelievable. I wonder how many orders will cancel due to price, financing realities and the lack of a leasing offer?
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    I was tossing that concept around too. I imagine at least 25% will be cancelling.
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    Yeah it's not good for Hyundai to be getting so close to Tesla model 3s
  14. Again, I was thinking. The gas Kona top trim is about 31k. Assuming that the ICE powertrain costs something like 4k of that total - leaving us at about 27k - that leaves us a whopping $25K dollars for the EVs electric powertrain. There's NO WAY it costs even half of that. And if you assume the ICE Kona (at 31K) already had some profit margin that means that as much as 12K the 15K profit per Kona EV - minimum. So don't fall for that common refrain that electric cars are "sold at a loss." Baloney!
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    Thanks Oilberta,

    Here is the official Ontario version:
    MSRP: $51,999.00
    OMVIC FEE: $10.00
    TIRE TAX: $30.40
    FREIGHT: $1,805.00
    AIR TAX: $100.00
    ROAD READY PKG: $399.00
    SUBTOTAL: $54,841.40
    HST: $7,129.38
    TOTAL: $61,970.78

    I never thought I would ever spend this much on a car - but you have to look at EVs different - we are playing in a different arena now. Fuel savings are real and from all indications, re-sale value and motor longevity is a real factor as well. Down the road people will be driving used EV's up to 500K km or maybe even 1M km - it will happen. Everything we know about ICE cars and how long they last needs to be re-written.

    Anyways that's how I justify it (now I need to convince my wife)
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    Ha ha ha I agree my friend I really do but oh my God it is getting expensive . In my situation I am spending about 90.00 every two weeks on gas which let's me drive for about four hundred kilometers so the way I see it even if I were to pay for every drop of energy that I consume it would only cost me $20.00 and that's from day one . So for me the initial outlay is allot but I would start saving right away .
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  17. Totally up to you but that Wireless Protect fee is totally bogus and goes straight to the dealer. The road ready thing sounds like a re-branded dealer fee.
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    Thanks Wildeyed - yeah they just added that on and treated it like it was mandatory- I need to look into that further. They said they embed a gps tracking device in case the car is stolen. Unless I get insurance savings I don’t think it’s worth it either.

    The $399 road ready package includes carpet mats wheel locks and some chip paint. Oh and normally a full tank of gas. Lol. I better see that charge indicator at 100.
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  19. Put the screws to them. I was looking at Bolts yesterday (just in case) and all the dealer listings had bold ads about "free oil changes for life." Oh my. /Facepalm
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    Good morning All!
    New member here and first post.
    Just wanted to thank everyone for all the information. I've been creeping hard ever since I put in my order for a Kona Electric a couple of months ago.
    I'm not sure if it's been stated before but as mentioned by my dealer in Burlington - Ontario is to receive 80 Kona's in the next 2-3 weeks and a total of 1900 more at sea as we speak. These are due to arrive in about 5-7 weeks. All top-spec modes are currently being fulfilled and all "preferred" spec will arrive in late June or early July.

    The final price that everyone's listing is a little scary - I was screwed out of my Model 3 order by Mr. Ford - yes, even after the lawsuit, and to see a Hyundai come in at over $60,000 is disheartening. What ever happened to the days when "MSRP" meant very little and one could negotiate? I guess with the overall popularity of these vehicles, they hold the better hand.

    I have an appointment with my dealer today to go over trade-in value. Here's the part where I get hosed on my 14' Santa Fe Limited! As it stands - with fuel prices as low as they've been, I've averaged about $470 a month in fuel. I drive about 130-150 km per day. Anyone have a formula based on Ontario's off-peak electricity rates that I could use to calculate overall monthly savings? I'm with Horizon Utilities if that helps.

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