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Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by jde2019kona, Oct 22, 2019.

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    Part 1: I backed out of a parking space today, with the display (ECO mode) reading R at 2 mph. I then put it into drive -- and the display stayed as R at 2 mph. I was able to drive and brake properly, but the display did not change. It didn’t react to the up/down arrows on the steering wheel, nor the driving mode button.

    I pulled over, turned the vehicle off, and the display remained on, still stuck at R at 2 mph. I drove back to my work (very carefully), turned the vehicle off again, and the display still remained on as if I were going in R at 2 mph.

    I came back 15 minutes later to see if the display was still on; it had turned off, and when I started the vehicle, the display was back to normal.

    [Edit: battery is at 60% charge.]

    Has anyone else had this happen to them?

    Part 2: During those 15 minutes, I called the dealership where I bought the car -- and nobody in service answered. I called sales, and the person who answered said they’d transfer me to service, where I got someone’s voicemail. (It’s been a half hour, and nobody has called back yet.)

    I‘m not sure about this dealership -- the cost for an SEL was US$45K, which is one hell of a markup, and nobody there has even seen fit to call me and ask, “Hey, how do you like the car?” They’ve given no advice on how to get the tax credit paperwork, no advice on contacting the DMV for the carpool lane stickers, no nothing. Just silence. Having bought my previous car in 2005, I don’t have a lot of car-buying experience. Is this typical of dealers, and am I just overreacting?
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    Hi. If you go to the CA DVM page you should be able to apply for your HOV Sticker there. The dealer really isn’t required to do much, it’s up to owners to follow through with the paperwork. I did it when I had my ‘05 Prius. It was a couple forms then and a few bucks.

    Picking up my Kona EV on 10/26 in CA and driving it to AZ. I’ll keep an eye out for that screen issue.

    Good Luck.
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  3. Part one : I among others have had the unfortunate occurrence of a crashing drivers display. Good thread on different "crash" images here:
    Still not convinced if it was low 12 V, but since charging the accessory battery and monitoring/maintaining it have had no re-occurrence.
    Part two: Find another more conscientious dealer for any future repair work, there are some out there. ;)
  4. I have heard of a few people having the display "stuck" in different situations. It always comes back on and works normal after the car has been sitting turned off for a few minutes/hours.

    So the behavior shouldn't be normal but it doesn't seem to be a persistent issue.

    You have the SEL, but the ultimate had the heads up display which on those cases seems to continue to work just fine which points towards a display problem and not a computer issue.

    As for the dealer, mine contacted me several times about if the car is what I expected, scheduling the first oil change (!!!), and a couple times more. So I guess your dealer isn't the most communicative one.

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    I had something happen today, that's not really the same, but kind of a strange, similar bug. When I parked my car at work, I turned it off, then exited and locked the vehicle. The P D R N lights stayed on inside the car. I got back in, drove it forward a bit, reversed, then parked, turned off, exited and locked again, and still they remained on. Very strange. Hoping they'll turn off, as I couldn't stick around.
  6. Congratulations...look forward to reports from AZ on efficiency and TMS activity. So far reports from Nevada have been positive.
    BTW what color/model did you order?

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