speeding tickets?

Discussion in 'i3' started by Qisl, May 4, 2024.

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    To identify the car brands with the most speed-prone drivers, the data scientists at Insurify turned to their database of more than 4.6 million car insurance applications. When applying for car insurance, drivers disclose their vehicle make and model, as well as any citations, such as speeding tickets, they have on their driving record within the past seven years. For each vehicle brand, Insurify data scientists compared the number of drivers reporting a speeding ticket against the total number of drivers in the database to determine the share of drivers with a speeding ticket.

    Look no further than the Honda result. The highest percentage for Honda was 10.8% for the S2000 (MY1999 to MY2009)...at a whooping 66,544 in USA. The BMW i3 had 2021 cumulative new sales of 45,098.

    Insurify is an e-broker for auto insurance that only provided relative percentages for insurance applications. They do not state whether they double count applications or not (same person, different date, or moved to a new state).

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