Scout Motors, what even is it?

Discussion in 'Scout' started by Domenick, May 30, 2023.

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  1. Scout Motors, defunct as a brand for 40 years, has been bought by Volkswagon Group which has decided to breath life back in to it and create a stand-alone company based in the US for American consumers. This thread is meant to track everything we know about its development.

    Scout says it will make the "next generation of all-electric trucks and rugged SUVs for American drivers." Read that to mean at least one pickup truck (really hoping for two) and multiple SUVs. It is building a $1.5 billion manufacturing facility in South Carolina which should produce 200,000 vevhicles a year and start shipping around the end of 2026.

    It has released a couple teasers so far (check out our design thread) showing an SUV in front-facing and profile silhouette. The electric drivetrain and large wheel/tire combo appears to give it great ground clearance. It looks like it will have a skid plate on the bottom of the fascia.
    Of course, front and rear overhangs will be short, especially on the SUV, which appears to have a shorter wheelbase than the truck. The designs should debut early 2024.

    It will not be built on the VW MEB platform, but rather it'll have a bespoke platform developed specificaly for an off-road capable vehicle. It will, though, leverage VW Group for motors and other components.

    I asked on its Facebook page if it will have physically locking differentials and got a cheeky response I'm taking as a "yes."

    Pricing-wise, the SUV (they refer to it as an RUV - rugged utility vehicle) should start around $40K (good luck with that) and the pickup will be more.

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