Replacement EV battery cost for 22 Limited

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Surlycat, Feb 7, 2024.

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  1. Surlycat

    Surlycat Member

    My 2022 Kona EV got the Engine System Failure warning ️ and dealership diagnostics said you need a whole new EV battery. Under warranty - so, no charge to me.

    I picked up my repaired car today at no charge to me b/c of the warranty. The paperwork I signed showed that their cost was $46,000. My car brand new didn’t cost that much.

    Can someone explain this to me? I love my car, but I feel like I need to start saving several thousand $$$ a year to get ready for when my battery is no longer under warranty.

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  3. GPM432

    GPM432 Active Member

    Well when I got the recall battery on my 2019 the price was about $12000.00 with the labour I think they gave you the wrong price way to much. Just think about it that's the price of a new car..
  4. And there’s the recent thread about the Ionic 5 with a quote for $60,000 to replace the battery!!!

    These prices are surreal. Are we to just hope that if the battery fails, it’s during the warranty? We can speculate the prices reflect a 100% markup to retail for the battery alone to explain why the original car price is what it is - but has anyone seen any actual explanation from Hyundai? You’d think they would want to get in front of horrible PR like these stories.
  5. I think these outrageous numbers are mainly an artifact of manufacturer to dealer accounting, since a customer isn't being billed and almost never is. They may also involve some sort of incentive for dealers reluctant to deal with EV's more compensation, presumably for labor, for these types of repairs of EV's. This is of course just some partially informed speculation.
  6. I have no doubt that's correct!

    Googling the p/n brings up various more-palatable prices. 37501-K4050-AS or 37501-K4050-RW

    US$8700 for a "RW" (reworked) version. That's what I have now.

    US$10,361 for an "AS" version, whatever that means.

    some in the 33k to 44k range

    One used on ebay in Norway for US$7,200 from a damaged 2019 Kona but it appears to be a 2021 replacement.
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