RAV4 EV BMS_f063 Alert, Car won't run or charge. Suggestions?

Discussion in 'Rav4 EV' started by centolam, Nov 15, 2022.

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  1. centolam

    centolam New Member

    I changed my 12V battery on a 2012 RAV4 EV and didn't disconnect my main pack when I put it in. I also accidentally left the car on overnight after I changed the battery.

    I have an EV system error. The car won't go into gear or charge.

    I got a version of the Tesla RAV4 EV Diagnostics software and made a connector, and also got a version of the Toyota Techstream diagnostics software and got a connector going on that too. I tried clearing codes with both softwares. I also checked every fuse in the 2 internal fuse boxes and the 2 on interior boxes on the driver's side. I also reinstalled the main pack cutoff under the passenger seat to be sure that was seated properly.

    The only reoccurring code now is a BMS_f063 Recharge Failure Alert on the Tesla software. I posted the Tesla software suggested causes for the fault (appended below).

    Interestingly, one of the potential causes is that the pack is being misread. I had an aftermarket Chademo installed that speaks to the BMS directly and has a network link so I can see the output. The direct connect indicates that the BMS thinks the SOC is 97% and also that the Pack Voltage is 0.

    The car was only charged to 80% on the last charge and it's been sitting for 2 months so it's SOC is not 97%. I'm wondering if the BMS is perceiving the SOC to be 97%, when it's closer to 0 and if this is at the root of my issue?

    I'm in Oklahoma City. I initially had the car towed to Toyota. They had it for a month and were not able to get their diagnostics software working and asked me to take it back.

    I'm looking for some suggestions on taking the diagnostics to the next level.
    Also, is there a RAV4 EV repair expert out there that consults on repairs?

    Active Alerts Potential Causes (Tesla Powertrain Diagnostics Software 1.1.42
    HV Open
    Welded Pack Contarter
    Faulty Pack Contactor Drive Circuit
    Disconnected Pack Voltage Sense line
    Faulty Precharge relay
    Faulty Precharge Resistor
    Faulty current Measurement in Pack
    Faulty BMS Component
    High Voltage Bus Capacitance is incorrect
    Faulty Pack contactor
    DC Link voltage is too high
    Unaccounted for HV load
    HV short

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