Racing Chevy Bolt EV on TV and Introducing

Discussion in 'General' started by EV-MODS, Dec 24, 2018.

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  1. EV-MODS

    EV-MODS New Member

    Good Day,

    I look forward to sharing my Chevy Bolt Build in the Bolt Forum. I will be racing it in the televised Optima Ultimate Street Car Series. I also wanted to intorduce the company I just founded

    Why does EV-MODS exist? Founder Andy Fritts has worked in the automotive aftermarket for over 20 years marketing for premium manufacturers, attending industry shows like the SEMA Show and competing in amateur automotive racing events like Optima Ultimate Street Car. When Andy bought a 2018 Chevy Bolt for his commute he was impressed with the Electric Vehicle Driving Experience; however when he looked to the automotive aftermarket for EV Customization, EV Performance products or simply for an Electric Vehicle Accessories; he found little to no support for electric vehicles. EV-MODS was launched to provide Electric Vehicle Driving Enthusiast the best performance mods and accessories to enhance the performance and style of their ev.
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  3. Thomas Mitchell

    Thomas Mitchell Active Member

    How about some love for the PHEVs?

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  4. KelseyKenelm

    KelseyKenelm New Member

    Is there any other application. I can't find the bone load. I enjoyed watching racing on television online.
  5. would like to see mods for the Kona. It is the most active forum on this site
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  8. KelseyKenelm

    KelseyKenelm New Member

    There have been many racing TV shows but there is still a lack of a separate television channel for Spanish. I have searched for an application that has it but cannot find it.
  9. Thanks for the link. I had seen it before and most of it deals with tires which is a good start. AS a former autocross, time trial and solo racer I am looking at things like adjustable sway bars, springs and shocks. Once you make the tires stick the body starts to roll and sway bars, springs and shock rates come into play. I like adjustable sway bars so that I can tune the suspension to my particular driving style. If I keep the Kona when the lease is up in two years I will get a second set of rims and sticky tires for Kona for driving around locally and save the Nexens for road trips where range matter. Local range is not important as I charge off of solar. On the other hand if the Mach E shows promise along with performance I may switch to that.
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  10. Not to encourage you to leave your Kona, but Mach-E should be a beast in both power and handling.
  11. I agree, but would like to see how it shakes out from a reliability standpoint once the rubber hits the road. Originally I was planing on the Kona or the Volvo XC-40 recharge as a daily driver and then build an electric track car, but with the Mach -E I just might be able to get a good combination of both worlds in one car. Looking forward to seeing driving reviews of the Mach_E
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  13. I wouldn't mind just a test drive in one. Probably by the time a Mach-E could be available for that purpose, I might even be able to afford to buy it:rolleyes:
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