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Discussion in 'Rivian' started by Lawrence in Redding CA, Sep 16, 2021.

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  1. I realize that nothing has been finalized as yet, but the limitations included with the proposed tax credit for electrical vehicles causes me to question if Rivian is (will be) a union shop. Anyone have any information?
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  3. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

    I understand it is not a union shop.
  4. My chat with a Rivian rep yesterday confirmed that their plant in Illinois in NOT union. That could of course change at some point. I also expressed concern that Rivian is considering a plant in Texas. No decision has been made with regard to a plant in Texas. Given the current Texas legislature's stance on voting rights and reproductive rights that would be a game changer for me.
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  5. downranger12

    downranger12 New Member

    I went to the Bloomington Normal event before the pandemic. An employee there told me the Illinois plant was non union. You could buy your vehicle from that plant without disturbing your sensibilities. That state still has the Chicago "machine" that guarantees free and fair Democrat elections. As far as I know both men and women are still exercising their reproductive rights there too.
  6. Ben Barrera

    Ben Barrera New Member

    Does anybody know if Rivian has resubmitted their application to be approved as an EV maker in Calif. and allowing new buyers to qualify for the rebates? My County rejected my application because Rivian is not a recognized EV maker by Calif. I asked my contact at Rivian but he didn’t know. Is anybody up to date on this issue?
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