Problem with Nissan Connect Leaf 2023

Discussion in 'LEAF' started by Sorie4e, Aug 2, 2022.

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  1. FrankB

    FrankB New Member

    Hello, same thing here.
    Impossible to start the remote heating with NissanConnect or to get the status of the car...
    Maybe it's not related, but the USB connection also stopped working at the same time. I can't connect my iPod, or iPhone (for music), no USB device detected anymore. I feel like they did an update recently that kind of screwed up things.
    Again, "maybe not related" but I can't reset my password on Nissan Owner Portal. lol
    I hope they still have competent staff to fix bugs...
    At least, I really enjoy driving the car.
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  3. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    I believe that all EVs are now required to emit an approved pedestrian warning noise when stopped. Our 2018 Clarity PHEV goes silent when I stop, but beginning with the 2020 Clarity PHEV the sound is always on when the car is in D. Our 2021 MINI Cooper also emits the pedestrian warning noise when stationary in D.

    Perhaps the NHTSA was worried that blind people would walk into our EVs when we were temporarily stopped, but not worried enough to require the pedestrian warning noise to continue 24/7 even when the vehicle is turned off.
  4. Kayle Clements

    Kayle Clements New Member

    That may be true, but then why does my Brother In Laws truck not need the same sound? It shuts the engine off while at a stoplight now (while idling) and it is completely silent? I don't understand why a ICE car can be silent and an EV can not.
  5. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    Your bro-in-law's ICE vehicle is destined to become part of carbon-generating history. There's no reason to upset him and his buddies now, when in a surprisingly short time all vehicles will be electric.

    After all our EVs are required to wirelessly report the number of miles we drive for tax purposes, we'll look back and think how trivial the imposition of a mandated noise was. The gummnt had better get such still-imaginary EV regulations into law before there are enough of us to pose a problem.
  6. Nighthawk36

    Nighthawk36 New Member

    Greeting fellow Leaf owners and drivers.

    I 'm new here and I too am a new Lease holder of a 2023 Nissan Leaf SV Plus. With a an active case number with Nissan for exact same thing.
    I am unable to set up my Nissan Connect EV service.
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  8. Collin Lovas

    Collin Lovas New Member

    Greetings Nissan Leaf owners! I just purchased a 2023 Nissan Leaf SV Plus and I'm unable to submit my acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Nissan Connect EV Services agreement. I receive an error message indicating to try later. Several days later, same issue. Nissan is investigating and all I can do is wait to hear from them.

    At first blush, I thought this was a dealer prep issue. However, I'm glad I found this forum (and so is the dealer). I will report any progress (or lack thereof) here to help anyone else with this really very stupid issue. C'mon Nissan -- get your act together!
  9. conrad22

    conrad22 New Member

    Yet another new '23 Leaf SV Plus owner (had the car for about 10 days here) with "The connection to the center failed" message - although I have had some mystery success in the last few days!
    Things that are working for me: USB ports, Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth connection to my iPhone, being able to register on the web for my NissanConnect EV Services (this just worked today!), intermittent success with the NissanConnect EV Services iOS app
    Things not working:
    Being able to lock/unlock the car remotely; various other EV Connect services. Just today I finally got the gray car with the satellite waves silhouette on the dash screen, as opposed to the gray car with the line through it.
    I have software rev 0348 - anyone have a newer version?
  10. Roger Mortensen

    Roger Mortensen New Member

    Dissappointed new 2023 Nissan Leaf SV Plus owner here. We took delivery on 02/13/2023.

    Getting kiss of death message on the Navigation screen: "The connection to the center failed."

    When I got in vehicle I saw the failure message and immediately asked the Dealer Sales Rep we were working with. The Rep stated that the message was due to the vehicle not being transfered to me yet. WRONG. That message is a hugh RED flag. Do not accept delivery of a new Leaf displaying that message.

    Am now getting the run-around from Nissan. Nissan is either intentionally mis-representing/hiding this production defect or Nissan doesn't have the instituional intelligance to recognize a significant design flaw. IDK which is more concerning!

    Nissan has a Consumer Affairs dept (800-647-7261), a NissanConnect dept (844-711-8100), a Service network (thru dealers), a Techline (Nissan corp) and an Engineering dept (Nissan corp) none of whom appear to me to communicate with each other and are quick to point fingers at the orther departments.

    Ridiculous, unacceptable and state Lemon Laws apply.
  11. conrad22

    conrad22 New Member

    Roger, FWIW my "Connection Failed" problem went away after a couple weeks of ownership - although I couldn't tell you why it started working. Do you live in a region with maybe poor AT&T cellular coverage? (I do.) I remember the problem resolved when I drove to "the big city" where AT&T coverage was excellent, but that very well could have been coincidental.
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  13. Roger Mortensen

    Roger Mortensen New Member

    AT&T coverage where we live is good. I also own a 2022 Nissan Leaf SL Plus and its Telematics work normally. Thanks for the input...

  14. DMPS

    DMPS New Member

    Just bought the 2023 Nissan Leaf SV Plus after leasing the 2021. And like everyone else, the app will not connect which was NOT an issue with the last Leaf. Extremely frustrating since I used the app in the 2021 to start the car automatically in the cold weather. When I call , they say they are working on the problem and I just received an email telling me the same thing. I'm starting to wish I'd gone with another car.
  15. Roger Mortensen

    Roger Mortensen New Member

    I have tasked my attorney to begin invoking my claim for Lemon Law relief. This Lemon Law claim has to be handled in accordance with the Purchase Agreement and, as I live in Ohio, in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code. This process begins with a proscribed Arbitration procedure, according to my council.

    Nissan seems to have a substantial manufacturing defect problem on their hands. I as a Nissan customer feel Nissan is not treating its customers fairly.

    In addition, submitting a complaint to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ( IMHO isn't appropriate as this manufacturing defect isn't a vehicle controllability safety issue (a wheel isn't about to fall off, for example).

  16. Valloren

    Valloren New Member

    Hi all,

    Just bought a 2023 SV+. Got to say, the EV Connect app is TERRIBLE. Unlike many of you, I was able to connect without much difficulty, but when I try to use the Plan Your Route function, the app seems to think my battery status is at zero charge, so it won't Plan a route ANYWHERE. I have hit the Update Battery Status button and all I get is a spinning icon for a few minutes and nothing changes. Anyone else experiencing this?
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 12, 2023
  17. Roger Mortensen

    Roger Mortensen New Member

    I spoke with NissanConnect numerous times and was told the problems we all encounter are known issues, and that "They are working on it. Please give us time." My sense is that they have been 'working on it' for quite sometime without making much (any?) discernable improvement. IDK if Nissan isn't willing to invest as necessary to fix these issues or if Nissan does not have the corporate intelligence to understand the magnitude of the failures...

    Nissan has a Consumer Affairs dept (800-647-7261), a NissanConnect dept (844-711-8100), a Service network (thru dealers), a Techline (Nissan corp) and an Engineering dept (Nissan corp) none of whom appear to me to communicate with each other and are quick to point fingers at the orther departments.

    So I recommend you start by calling NissanConnect.


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