Problem with Nissan Connect Leaf 2023

Discussion in 'LEAF' started by Sorie4e, Aug 2, 2022.

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  1. Sorie4e

    Sorie4e New Member

    Has anyone heard of problems with Nissan Connect EV and Services on a Leaf SV plus 2023?

    I got my Leaf on July 5. The Nissan Connect EV and Services app and SOS button did not work.
    • Called the dealer who had sold me the car- through it was a problem with me accepting the "terms and agreements" for the software. Was unable to do this step with dealer's help
    • Called EV&Services- 1-877-664-2738. I worked with them for about two weeks. To their credit, they worked with me for about an hour on two different days and called me back every other day. But no fix- I was finally able to accept the "terms and agreement" on the webpage- but no fix to the Nissan Connect or SOS button. Ultimately they left a message that they could not fix it and the dealership would have to fix.
    • Made an appointment with the Nissan Dealership. I took my vehicle in on July 25th for a drop-off 0900 appointment. The dealership called back on that afternoon to let me know that the Nissan Connect and SOS issue would be covered at not cost (duh!!!-it is a brand new car) I was traveling and had a bad connection during that call, so I called back on Tuesday to just confirm that I understood what was said. That is the last time I have talked with the service manager.
    • I called the dealership on Friday, July 29th to get an update. No return call. (I always go through the main service department operator, and they transfer me to his phone)
    • On Sunday, I drove by the dealership and looked in the window of my car. The dash is laying in the seat, so I concluded that the problem is not fixed.
    • I called again today at 0900. I still have not received a reply.
    I am not a mean scary looking person and have left courteous, respectful messages, so I am not sure why the service manager is so afraid to talk to me and tell me the truth.

    I am beginning to get a very bad feeling in the pit of my stomach that either the service manager is 1) a passive aggressive jerk, or 2) has some really bad news for me that he doesn't want to deliver- like I have bought a car with fancy accessories that are never going to work.

    My question is, has anyone heard of problems with Nissan Connect EV and Services. The app for 2023 is different from previous years.

    I am trying to be patient, but the lack of communication, not as much the wait, is starting to really irritate me.
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  3. P&T

    P&T New Member

    We had a 2022 leaf SL. While we personally never tested the SOS button, our connect app never did link up - one of the forums elaborated that while the literature indicated it was free, it was not.

    Related issue - the reason we sold our 2022 leaf was that the data connection (which the connect app probably uses) badly interfered with phone calls. It got to the point that the first thing we did upon starting the car was to turn off data in the settings. It sounds like a minor thing, I know, but it irked the wife immensely.

    Hopefully that is fixed in the 2023s

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  4. Ryan Barkley

    Ryan Barkley New Member

    I just purchased a 2023 Leaf SV Plus in mid July and am experiencing the same issue as described. The SOS button fails to connect and EV services are not working. The first approach was the dealer telling me the app I downloaded was wrong. They have 3 different apps that bounce between themselves via links in the apps. After going through the dance of "getting" the right one, the dealer turned me to owner services/EV support. Then it was not fun as the dealer points to owner services/ev services and they keep telling me to take it back to the dealer to resolve. Right now, the dealer has opened a case with "tech line" where they were asked to take out infotainment center and take a picture and send it back. Luckily, the dealer keeps giving car back to me and trying not to keep it at the dealership, but as time goes on, I am not feeling confident they will resolve this issue very soon. I am hoping that the dealer will hear back this week and have some type of direction on how to get the issue taken care of, but we will see.

    Note: on one call to Owner services, they admitted to me that many of the 2023's were having an issue that required an over the air update to the car, but did not indicate when it would happen. They said the update was released in Canada and should be soon. I keep checking for software updates on mine and it still says it is up to date.

    If you make any progress, please let me know.
  5. jiggersplat

    jiggersplat New Member

    Same issue. Have a case number from techline. The dealer was clueless and tried to tell me I have to activate it first because obviously I'm a complete moron. After I explained to them, no it's already activated and I already called tech support and they told me to bring it in. Nissan connect Ev support tells me this is a widespread issue they are aware of at least. We'll see if it gets resolved.

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