Pro S- buyer wants dealership and/or sales person referral.

Discussion in 'ID.4' started by OregonEV, Aug 18, 2021.

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  1. OregonEV

    OregonEV New Member

    I’m new to the group, ready to buy an ID 4 and have found the Portland area dealership experience less than wonderful. Can’t order online w/o choosing a dealership. If you had a good experience with a dealership or salesperson in Portland or Seattle, I would appreciate contact info.

    Phone, email and three actual dealerships have started with optimism only to find “that car just sold”. One Portland dealer posted an $8K ADM. Only one salesperson was well versed in EVs and I may try to complete an order there. F103183E-57EA-4EDE-8D9A-D31BE178129F.jpeg
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  3. ericy

    ericy Well-Known Member

    The best way to avoid these fees is to simply order a car directly from VW. They are pretty insistent that the dealers not add on any extra fees like this. When the cars first started to arrive, some dealers tried adding the fees, and VW smacked them down.

    The cars that are in inventory are for the most part cars that people ordered and then cancelled the reservation. Some dealers add on fees like this, some just charge MSRP. You just have to call around, and possibly travel to a different cit.
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  4. SkyShotEV

    SkyShotEV New Member

    Sent you a PM
  5. OregonEV

    OregonEV New Member

    Thanks for the advice. I placed my order through the VW portal and received delivery (est) in December.
    In hope for an earlier acquisition date, I’ll continue watching Oregon & Washington dealer inventory for my choice to pop up and try to buy it at or near MSRP.
  6. OregonEV

    OregonEV New Member

    Thanks for the referral. I ordered through the VW portal and received delivery (est) in December.
    In hope for an earlier acquisition date, I’ll continue watching inventory.
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  8. DelRider

    DelRider Member

    Awesome, another Diamond State. Thanks for sharing your insights, it's re-assuring. I looked at the VW web site and they pretty clearly say that the final price is set by the assisting dealer based on market conditions. I went ahead with the final $400 for an AWD due in April once I decided that I am completely prepared to walk away at the first sign of dealer markups, required packages, or hinky valuations on a trade in. I'm not looking to put anyone over a barrel, but let's stick to MSRP and Kelly Blue Book, shall we?
  9. ericy

    ericy Well-Known Member

    For trade-in, you might want to get an independent appraisal from CarMax or something similar (I would suggest this no matter what you were planning to buy). If the dealer tries to low-ball you, you know what your options really are. Worst case you can just split the transaction in two, instead of having to cancel the entire deal. That being said, if you split the transaction, you need to pay close attention to the document fee credit/refund paperwork requirements:
  10. OregonEV

    OregonEV New Member

    Update: Thank you everyone for responding. I am now driving the Pro S I was looking for (Glacier White w/ gray int). The purchase was straight up MSRP and the process (me in Portland - car in Seattle) was surprisingly efficient and gimmick free. Purchased via email and phone with hard signatures four days later when I was able to get to Seattle. Shout out to Casey Strickland (salesperson) and University VW.
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  11. SkyShotEV

    SkyShotEV New Member

    Nice to hear, enjoy!
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  13. MBK

    MBK New Member

    Anyone with experience trying to buy in-stock inventory (reserved cancellations) in the San Francisco Bay Area? I've got two different dealerships with in-stock Pro models and both are quoting $3K above MSRP, stating that it's a "pricing addendum." I realize I'll need to pay at least MSRP, but the thought of paying $3K over (not to mention the additional sales tax) is making me re-think the ID.4. I can't afford to wait the six-plus months for a vehicle via the reservation process...
  14. Hi,
    I had the same problem when I bought my ID4 ProS. I wish I had gone to Anna Marley at VW in Olympia, Wa. She was honest, attentive, knowledgeable, and very helpful. She kept checking in on me and making sure I was being cared for. She just didn’t have the color combo that I wanted.
    I definitely DO NOT recommend either Armstrong VW in Milwaukie or Dick Hannah in Portland. I gave the folks at Armstrong VW my contact info and went back twice a week for 4 weeks hoping for one of the 1st Editions they said they were getting. They NEVER ONCE contacted me to discuss anything at all.
    I ended up going to Dick Hannah in Portland ONLY because they were getting the car (settled for a Pro S) in color combo I wanted. The shipment was delayed by 3 weeks. They told me incorrect information, messed up on my financing paperwork and ordered the wrong license plates (I paid for Crater Lake plates and got standard issue). Jacob in financing was horrible, especially when I had to go back in to redo some paperwork that he didn’t file on time. He was cussing, talking over me, and refused to admit HE messed up. They asked me to just sign and they would fill in my info. Uh No!
    When I got the wrong license plates, the manager told me to take them in to DMV myself and exchange them for the correct plates and they would reimburse me. Because of COVID the DMV requires appointments. I now have to take a day off work to make it to a DMV appointment that isn’t scheduled until after my temp permit expires!
    For your own sanity, go to Olympia and talk to Anna. She will be honest with you. I’m still kicking myself for not going through her.
    Good luck,

    PS.. oops I didn’t see that you were finally successful in Seattle. Congratulations!!
    To anyone else in the area…heed my Words
  15. What a load of "stuff."

    I'm fully prepared to "walk away" when my AWD finally arrives; I do NOT need a new car.

    So far I'be been less than impressed w/ our local dealership.

    VW claims a desire to re-invent the post-ICE motor-vehicle world; IMO they might want to also re-invent their own "car dealer culture" as well.
  16. Scottt7257

    Scottt7257 New Member

    Think your spot on about the price you pay for your new car but may be disappointed over the trade in value. Highly recommend you consider selling yourself and/or getting a buy bid from someone like CarMax. Remember, Kelly Blue Book is just a guide. They don't buy anything. Your trade-in is worth what someone is willing to actually pay for it. You'll be much happier if you deal with your trade outside of your purchase. Especially if you are mentally locked into a specific value for your car.

    Good luck

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