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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by JKroll, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. ramasmisc

    ramasmisc New Member

    Hi Ozy, Was this Base otr Touring? I am in So Cal and looking to Buy base model this weekend. Do you mind sharing the Dealer info to my email please ? ?
  2. CountChocula

    CountChocula New Member

    Just a big heads up for anyone attempting to buy a car on the East Coast and drive or ship to other states like me!!

    The numbers look great and some agressive dealers out there but there's apparently 3,000.00 in "sort of dealer cash" that they offer to make a low barely over 30k price on a touring look like a great deal.
    Nobody in several dealerships in CT, MA, MD, and the area know where it stops and misquote the price for someone like me who lives in Colorado. There's apparently 9 states in the area that get it and those outside get nothing.
    Got to credit apps at two dealerships that said they were 100% sure they weren't using any state specific credits.

  3. TeeVee

    TeeVee New Member

    Really good price. Can you give more details of OTD and any extra fees, like dealer installed options (VIN etching, nitrogen, paint protection, floor mats), destination fee not included in price, doc fees.
  4. Electra

    Electra Active Member

    I think the hidden incentive are for these ZEV states: ZEV States: CT, ME, MD, MA, NJ, NY, RI, VT.

    Note to Honda, you would sell a lot more Claritys if you made the rebate nationwide.
  5. banshee2008

    banshee2008 New Member

    I don't have the detailed breakdown with me, but destination was included and there were no fees for floor mats (included) or other bogus charges. With $0 down and 0.9 percent financing, a 5 year loan came out to $577 per month including everything.
  6. ab13

    ab13 Active Member

    They get credits in ZEV states but I doubt they get anything from non ZEV states, so they are passing some of the credit as incentives.
  7. Siva

    Siva New Member

    Did you get the info or quote near to that price, if so, can you send me the details, I m also from SoCal
  8. Siva

    Siva New Member

    I m also from SoCal
    @dqcd: can you send me dealer or price quote to my email: I also live so cal.
  9. Siva

    Siva New Member

    Ozy: can you send me the dealer information and send me the quote I live in Socal
  10. Shaker

    Shaker New Member

    Can you share which dealer you got this deal from? Haven't been able to get anything lower thrn 30500 from any where. Thanks
  11. pugs

    pugs New Member

    Haven't picked mine up yet but just signed the paperwork for a base model in Virginia for 30,700.
  12. Olimpia

    Olimpia Member

    I'm looking into the possibility of buying a Clarity. Does the "Drive Green" program apply for people living outside of the ZEV states? I live in Florida and it seems like finding good deal/discounts is very hard so that Drive Green program seems interesting, some of the discounts are up to 5.5K. Please let me know, thanks.
  13. Brian Harrison

    Brian Harrison New Member

    Drive Green is just for MA and reflects a state specific discount ($3k of dealer cash from Honda). Best bet is just keep pitting dealers in your area against each other online. Good luck it's a great car!
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  14. Olimpia

    Olimpia Member

    Thanks for the prompt response. I guess next plan of action will be to pit dealers against each other.
  15. Cali65

    Cali65 Member

    Just finished purchasing my 2018 Clarity Plug In Base Platinum White Pearl for $32,708.55 otd in SoCal.

    $30,000 base price
    $2,180 sales tax
    $417.75 registration etc
    $80 doc fee
    $30 electronic vehicle registration

    One of the smoothest transactions ever!!
    Called, asked if they had the color available, told them my best quote and he matched but could not go lower......walked in and all done professionally.

    Couple of dealers couldn't do prices quoted when I said I was ready to drive the couple hours in LA traffic.

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  16. Olimpia

    Olimpia Member

    If I could get that price here in FL I'd buy one tomorrow. I got my first quote today from a dealer for a base and it's around $35K (granted I haven't retaliated yet). Are the prices in Cali that low because Honda gives incentives to dealers in ZEV states?
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  17. NaughtyNeutron

    NaughtyNeutron New Member

    Got myself some Clarity :)

    Base 30653 + TTL came up 32690 in PA, I could have negotiated further but got my choice of color and VIN in 22K range with 3miles on the odo just off the trailer.
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  18. Cali65

    Cali65 Member

    What color did you get?
    Same 22k+ vin here too.

    Anyone looking for one in SoCal contact:

    Billy Kim @ Santa Monica Honda
    Direct: 310 264 - 4975

    He will do the same pricing.

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  19. Cali65

    Cali65 Member

    Not really.......just timing.
    All of the SoCal dealers I have been emailing/texting & some calling that said they would beat my quotes (wanted proof too)......non followed through at crunch time (which was today for us).
    The dealer that would do the price did not have my color.

    Santa Monica Honda was my 2nd call after this @ 1.21pm and spoke to Billy (Sales Manager) and he said he would match the $30k Base n $33k Touring.....definitely a man of his word.
    This dealership was pressure and just took care of business.
    Jordan was my sales guy and he was AWESOME too.

    I'm 54 and use to change cars every few years when I was younger and this is the tied with the Best car purchase for me ever.

    Just being kickbacks lol

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  20. There's a kickback. The dealer is getting a ~$3k bonus for every car they sell in Cali (and the other Cafe states). That's why they are cheaper (t)here

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