Porsche is a Tesla Follower

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Jul 20, 2018.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    So Porsche how many deposits do you have for your ICE dinosaurs? Ever had or needed those before? Where'd you get the idea? If you claim to be racking up deposits is that solid evidence that you should be ditching your obsolete ICE garbage sooner or just proof of how much of a Tesla follower you are?

    If those are true colors here's an area where you're still pushing the petrol scam and showing you're just a poser pretender: Ionity. So you signed a contract with Shell (Ionity) where you will fail the public in passing on the savings of green technology on electricity in order to provide protection and shelter for you ridiculously and criminally subsidized petrol masters. Shows Porsche is still a wannabe follower, just not a very good one yet- Tesla is way ahead there as well. Good luck ever catching Tesla, you VW acquisition.
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  3. David Green

    David Green Well-Known Member

    Porsche Taycan is awesome... I want one...
  4. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Good to check Porsche on its charger nonsense some more.

    Porsche won't have the highest capacity charger, Tesla will have that with the Mega Charger. Now that charger is for the Semi, probably won't be charging the pick-up with it, but Porsche will face the 3rd generation Tesla Charger which for reasons JB Straubel laid out may not be as quick as the Porsche charger but may still be better and more reasonable overall and will regardless eat into any quick charge claims by Porsche. Also, lets get real about Porsches demographic. These people if they are green will have a Tesla solar roof and two power walls or equivalents along with a charge plate, rarely would they need a Porsche charger except at high-end hotels they actually drove to. But what they may object to quite a bit is Porsches dishonesty on the green front with its idiotic deal with Shell (Ionity) and refusal to discount the price for the public on the charge- swindler colors are showing- think the fools at Porsche owner VW would have learned after Diesel gate. Every Mission E Porsche owner is going to get a wholly foreseeable earful about that which make them feel stupid and not cool- that is not a brand builder it is the next diesel gate scam. Porsche needs to understand that scrutiny on petrol does not decrease over time it increases exponentially.

    Another area where Porsche is likely to be a follower and a pretender possibly trying to fail convincingly is with the Mission E itself. Although as a boutique maker the intent may be for Porsche parent VW to hide behind the boutique status in order to further hide actual compliance numbers on an intended compliance play, there is a real risk here. Porsche/VW as a pretender just wants to say they could deal with Tesla if they had too. Yeah how many copy cat reservations- surely not more than compliance numbers (?) Have to stop making stupid mistakes the recent trope against Tesla on the rebates and Tesla covering it just made more loyal Tesla owners. Porsche priced the Mission E at Performance Model 3 prices (following again) but Tesla has already dropped them a place Porsche likely can't follow very far. The Porsche is lower and wider surely an advantage at the track gives an exotic look but there is a problem if Tesla delivers on the Autopilot and if Tesla can't beat the Mission E at the track with the Model 3 it will just drop the price and if it gets close enough that is also a huge problem. Porsche can't drop the price too much because it will seriously damage the brand prestige pointing it toward a future as cut rate EV go cart maker (yes I know of the 914s and the Boxters but Porsche is not an econo-brand- look what happened to Daimler) . Also, Porsche will have to stay ahead in its stock Taycan of the best tweaked Performance Model 3s, can't let any model years slip below that standard- better be testing the hell out of your poached Model 3s yourself.

    I can see a single styling error Tesla is making- writing out "dual motor" is stupid and insulting in my opinion, its like following Ford or something or Cadillac and its slapping an ad on the back of the car which is tawdry, so Tesla should get rid of that and at least offer to remove it for free for customers that want it. Tesla for stop light sessions will have to designate it somehow but not that way for long. Porsche won't make these kinds of taste and styling mistakes, but remember that Tesla almost never does.

    I always liked Porsches and will switch my negativity quickly if I can see they go real. I love the "electric soul" motif. If you just do electric stunts do them right, get rid of the stupid hybrids and get rid of the ICE machines and go boldly into the future. Leap frog electric tech do a Casmir effect machine, make it levitate all that is welcome and great. But realize, outside of nostalgia, pro petrol is stupid, ignorant and beyond dangerous. For close to 70 years now petrol has been about the plantation and taking us back to slavery. It has never been above water economically and has no future with its life long necessary criminal subsidies increasingly made transparent. It's an existential threat to humanity (its terror) and as that divesting Rockefeller recently said of Exxon, the company her family founded, she was cutting her ties with it because it would be public enemy #1 in a way that big tobacco never was. Elon Musk said it right: F Oil (petrol.)

    Also Porsche at the hyper car level and above, because ICE can't and anything that Electric can't destroy (note Roadster 2 has 10x the NM even of the monster P100D) you're in an arms race with not just Ferrari if it survives FCA or Pininfarina (which as the soul of Ferrari is going all electric) you're in a race with the Asian hyper car makers who will push electric to its limits.
  5. David Green

    David Green Well-Known Member

    I find it weird that you spend so much time writing these rants, but they are just full of nonsense and propaganda. You know in this world, there are people that like red, and some that like blue. Some people think Elon Musk is a genius, and others think he is an idiot (I am in the latter). Some people care about specs, and some people care about quality. The bottom line is that there is no one size fits all. When you talk about EV's its not a zero sum game, some will like Porsche, some will like Tesla, and some may even like the Bolt or Leaf. Personally, I would not buy a Tesla under any circumstance as I do not like the looks or quality of the product, and the fact Tesla pushes their testing out to the public I think is dangerous. Personally if I wanted a commuter EV, I would buy the Leaf, its an awesome commuter car. I am buying an I-Pace for our family, because that better fits our family lifestyle. I do not like low sedans because they are too hard to ingress/ egress, those are more for young people. Now even though I do not like Tesla for myself, I think they are fine for other less picky people. I have friends that have them, and like them... Onto the Porsche... Porsche is not in a spec race with the Tesla Roadster 2020 which is just a dream at this point in time, there are 2 prototypes, no production models, and no test program ongoing. As for charging, the Electrify America charging network already has deployed faster chargers than anything Tesla has deployed. They have 5 charging stations already open and 31 more currently under construction, that will open by the end of summer.

    You really should slow down on the rants and try to stick with facts and real world events.
  6. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    I find it weird that you're a GM employee or something like that. You don't really have anything to say about the quality of Tesla products,
    because there isn't much of substance except to say the power train is bullet proof and the there aren't that many parts that can fail.
    Can whine about the doors a bit or lie about the luxury and quality of the interiors but there is nothing else. As for the quality its the highest quality satisfaction of the luxury brands and highest repeat buyer prospect by a wide margin- Porsche falls behind it. So all that prattle is typical BS. And all of that is backed up by its market share at the top which is the highest where it took share from these pretender ICE subsidized luxury brands.

    As for the Roadster, its an announced product that is historically important to Tesla and its claims about the relative technologies and the status of ICE. Did anyone know about it before the prototypes were announced and demonstrated with people taking rides in them all night long with no degradation? How could that have happened? Tesla has an indoor track if I am not mistaken so you can't say there is no testing program and Tesla isn't taking deposits on mere dreams. As for Porsche not being in a spec race with Tesla, that is because they can't be in a spec race with Tesla without blowing up their obsolete petrol line up.

    As for the Electrify America charging- what vehicles can take a charge faster than a Tesla right now? Zero right? So what is the point?
    And what is announced that will have a higher charging capacity (output) than Tesla's mega charger? Nothing right?
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  8. David Green

    David Green Well-Known Member

    I am not a GM employee... Cannot respond to the rest of your nonsense rant as it is a waste of my time.

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