Panoz Green4U just revealed a couple crazy electric SUVs

Discussion in 'Other EVs' started by Domenick, Oct 12, 2017.

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  1. Panoz Green4U Unveils Pair Of Electric, 230 Mile, SIX-Door SUVs

    Ok, this is a little nuts. Green4U, which was co-founded by Don Panoz after buying the DeltaWing Technology Group, features a number of different vehicles on its website, all of them quirky.

    Its got neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) -- low-speed small cars typically limited to road with a 35 mph speed limit -- which it says are available now. It also has a van and bus, which it says will be available in 2018.

    What caught our eye (and by caught, I mean grabbed, then seared like a cherry-red fire poker) was a pair of SUVs: the utility oriented MTU-6 and the passenger oriented Green4U Enova. Just displayed at separate trade shows, the two are said to have an impressive 230-mile range. Also, as you can see below, or in the original post on InsideEVs, they come with six doors. If that seems weird to you, don't worry, they can also be had, they say, with eight doors. EIGHT DOORS!


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