"No plans for Ontario EV Rebates"

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by electriceddy, Nov 11, 2021.

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  1. Words from Doug Ford:

    While taking questions, Ford said the reason he has no plans to reintroduce the rebate is because it only benefits millionaires, as they are the ones that can afford EVs.
    “No, we aren’t bringing it back, I’m not going to give rebates to guys that are buying one hundred and some odd thousand dollar cars, millionaires,” Ford said.
    While Ford clearly does not want to increase EV adoption in the province (the data clearly shows they work), he does want automakers to come to Ontario to build them.:rolleyes:

    Seems to be working quite well in BC and Quebec as well as other locations.
    • B.C.: 13 per cent.
    • Quebec: 9.9 per cent.
    • Yukon: 4.7 per cent.
    • P.E.I.: 4.1 per cent.
    • Ontario: three per cent.
    According to new data from IHS Markit, British Columbia continues to lead Canada in ZEV registrations, reaching 13.0% of all new car registrations in Q3 2021.

    British Columbia offers a $3,000 provincial incentive, as well as generous EV charging station rebates.

    Quebec, which offers a $8,000 provincial rebate came in second place. ZEV market share in the province almost broke into double digits, reaching 9.9% in the third quarter.
    Shout-out to Yukon for coming in third;)
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  3. He's a big dummy about this and so many other things. But he's got no problem foregoing billions in gas taxes just so he can claim to have "reduced" a litre of gas by 4¢. Apparently gas cars are owned by "folks" while EVs are owned by "millionaires". This is the depth of his "thinking".
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  4. Doug Ford would roll coal on every Kona EV he sees, if he could figure out how to get his giant Escalade to do something like that. You just have to look at how he tore up wind power generation contracts when he came into power. You could argue that at some point Ontario doesn't need more wind, but we're not at that point yet and these contracts were already signed. Abrogating them was just an expensive political FU to green power producers in Ontario; it was never a cost-saving measure.
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  6. His government actually pulled out installed, functioning stations. That shows the depth of the stupidity.

    And I would add it shows the real jingoistic point of view on this subject by this government.

    And it's really unbelievable to me that the Onroute chain still doesn't have stations.
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  8. Our national leader is of the same ilk.:mad:
  9. Maybe an "oops" moment?
    Doug Ford says Ontario will build 400,000 electrified cars by 2030, hints at return of EV rebate
    “Before the election I didn’t believe in giving millionaires rebates on over-$100,000 Tesla cars, nothing against Tesla cars, they’re beautiful cars, but I just didn’t believe in it, let’s see how the market dictates. We’re putting billions and billions into the electric vehicle market, into companies, and we’re partnering with the federal government,” he said.
    He did however soften his stance from last week, hinting that the rebate might one day return.

    A little late to put it mildly:oops::rolleyes:
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  10. Mdsweb

    Mdsweb Member

    This is great news. Only problem is it should be retroactive to something like Jan 2022 or it will effectively kill the EV market for a year - as people won’t buy any new EVs and wait for the election and the program to kick in.

    Let’s hope the Liberals issue more concrete details soon - I would like to reserve an ID4 for next year and I’ve been told they will probably ship late 2022. Should be interesting.

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  12. A day late and a dollar short.

    Actually it almost 4 years late and there's no dollars at all. Why two cabinet ministers directly responsible for defunding and actually destroying previous installations are making this announcement is beyond me.
  13. XtsKonaTrooper

    XtsKonaTrooper Active Member

    Ford would be smart to implement it, so the Liberals don't get the voting edge hehe

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