Nikola Badger pickup truck

Discussion in 'Nikola' started by Domenick, Jun 8, 2020.

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  1. The Nikola Badger pickup truck was first revealed in February of 2020. Besides strong styling, it has some remarkable performance figures attached to it.
    • 0 to 60 mph = 2.9 seconds
    • Range = 600 miles (300 miles batter / 300 miles hydrogen)
    • Towing capacity = 8,000 lbs
    • Peak horsepower = 906 hp
    • Continuous horsepower = 455 hp
    • Torque = 980 lb-ft


      Of course, what sets this truck apart from any other "zero (tailpipe) emission" vehicle is that it's dual electric/hydrogen powertrain. It has a 160 kWh battery as well as an 8 kg hydrogen storage tank. It also has a little something extra: Advanced Supercapacitor Launch Assist that blends with lithium-ion and fuel-cell.

      There will be an EV-only version with 300 miles of range.
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  3. This is the best looking hybrid/electric pickup I've seen so far.
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  4. Executive Chairman Trevor Milton tweeted this image out of the interior of the Badger, saying it's a pre-production interior CAD.


    The tweet read: "I wanted to post something no one has seen. @nikolamotor badger pre-production interior CAD. Notice the floor mounting system? It's throughout the truck and made to secure any loads within the vehicle safely. See quality of everything - waterproof. Hidden Fridge too:)"
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  5. Sure beats the looks of the cybertruck...
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  6. More pieces of the puzzle: the Badger will be produced by an existing automaker. The specific one will be announced in around 3 months. The vehicles will be bought from and serviced at the dealerships of this OEM partner.

    Badger should range from $60,000 to $90,000, depending on battery size and whether it has the hydrogen component (the battery will be offered in two sizes.) With options, they could go over $100,000.
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