New Generation Kona EV

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by electriceddy, Dec 19, 2022.

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  1. Did the temperature go up or down since then?
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  3. Temperature has been pretty consistent. I'd maybe expect the RANGE to drop along with the temperature but not the percentage.
    The real reason I'm concerned/puzzled by this is my 5 years of experience with the 2018 Kona where this literally never happened. And I'm also puzzled as to why the car doesn't top up as scheduled nightly. Again, the previous car always topped up.
  4. Can't explain it. I always unplug mine as soon as possible after a charge. And they rarely sit more than a day without being driven.

    I guess we need to see if anyone else is seeing this with their 2024s.

    How do you like it otherwise?
  5. I've been very happy with it. It's such an upgrade over the old one - and I really liked that old one. The ride is better, it's quieter, performance is similar. I feel pretty good about getting it.
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  6. So I just (finally) did a little observation and experimentation. The car woke up at the scheduled charging time tonight, the indicator lights illuminated and flashed for several minutes and I heard the charger engage. After several minutes the lights turned off, the charger disengaged and the car was still sitting at 76% rather than the preset 80%. So after that I initiated a remote charge via Bluelink and it started charging normally immediately. I monitored via Bluelink and the charge ticked upward. Several minutes later it stopped at 79%.

    By the way, Bluelink on this car has always reported that the car was unplugged even while it's plugged in, even while it's actively charging.
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  8. Well, it might be worth reporting to the dealer. Still a very new car, but if others are seeing this, Hyundai might investigate or maybe give an explanation. And as we know new cars often have a lot of little software quirks that are corrected with updates.

    I worry more about mechanical issues, like that gearbox/motor tick tick in the previous gen. Mine was fixed, but never knew the exact cause, and whether it could come back when the car is out of warranty.

    As for bluelink, I don't use it much, just occasionally to check how far it has charged. But it has never given me any trouble.

    I agree the Kona is a nice car, nice size, lots going for it. The only reason I stayed away from it was that they stuck with the old 400V architecture, and I wanted a really good trip car. That's why I went for the Ioniq 6. Very happy with it so far (over 10K kms), and does not disappoint with range and fast charging (and that's an understatement).
  9. I'll be asking the dealer about it next week at my seasonal tire change. I'm hoping for a (so far) elusive OTA update to tweak it.

    You're not going to go wrong with the 6. As I've written before, it's a great time to buy an EV now that there is finally, finally, a selection of styles, price points and vehicle types for every want and need.
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  10. I spoke to my Service Manager at the dealership about my charging issues. He is forwarding my observations to Hyundai directly to see if we get any response or, heaven forbid, an acknowledgement and fix.
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  11. So circumstances lead to a discovery about my charging behaviour. I charged to 100% anticipating a long trip. It was cancelled so the car was sitting at 100% and undriven. Sure enough it drifted downward over 3 days. 99-98-97. It never topped itself up despite scheduled charging. Then I had cause to start the car for a few seconds and that evening the car DID top up to 100%

    Very perplexing.
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  13. I finally took a 2024 Kona for a test drive and it was just like forum members reported: a bit bigger inside for cargo and passengers, softer ride, battery pre-conditioning, similar range to the gen 1 Kona. Definitely a familiar feel if you have the gen 1 kona. It's an evolution rather than a revolution in design. I like my 2021 kona and the gen 2 seems to address some of it's faults.

    The salesman says the dealership got a letter in April from Hyundai Canada saying all Hyundai EVs will be given access to the Tesla SC network with an adapter in Q1 2025. I hope it's true.
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  14. aamyotte

    aamyotte Active Member

    The best part is the front charge port means it will be able to use the station without blocking 2 spots.
  15. Unfortunately not. The Tesla cables are so short that they can't reach all the way across to the left side of the car. So you wind up having to straddle the line on the right side of the stall so that the cable will reach. So you'll be blocking two spaces.
  16. Cliffr

    Cliffr New Member

    Heard Tesla were putting longer cables on for non Tesla cars, live in hope eh

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  17. Hi All, if I'm posting this in wrong part of the forum, do direct me to right part. Had routinely plugged in to my home LVL2 Juice Box a short while ago. Started charging at 20%, when at 29%, it sounded like our neighbours ICE vehicle's engine was revving up in our carport. Opened a window in the kitchen to see where and what the noise was and it was coming from my Kona. Never heard anything like it / that loud with my previous 2019 Kona EV and first time with the new 2024. Have no idea what it was. Lasted for at least a minute and by the time I went outside, the noise stopped. Anyone able to enlighten me? (Time to re-read my manual) Cheers
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  18. Given that you also had an earlier Kona it's odd that any sound from the car would surprise you. I'm sure you've heard the various pump and a/c noises that the car emits while charging and running - some of them quite loud. All I can say is that I have not yet heard any untoward noises from my '24. Perhaps the surroundings altered the acoustics somewhat? Keep an ear open. I'd be curious to know if you hear it again and can track the source.

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