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  1. I actually called Hyundai Mapcare yesterday to see if they had an approximate timeframe for release. The person I spoke with said they're "hoping" to have it available for download by the end of the week, but of course no guarantee. He also said the reason the "buy" option wasn't available in Canada was since we're entitled to 5 years of free updates, Hyundai Canada wouldn't allow them to charge for it.
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  2. Well, so much for this week! I guess I'll "hope" for next week now...
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    One thing about this covod thing is that I am learning to be more patient. Yeah, I wanted the maps yesterday, but I rarely go out, and I have to remind myself that it it takes a day or two more. That it isn't a big deal.

    Some things around the house take more urgency. Like yesterday when the cat puked on my office chair.
  4. Absolutely! Just a little thing to look forward to, but certainly not an urgent necessity.
  5. If you guys haven't done a software update yourself and you are curious how it works or even fearful of braking something:
    I made a video walk through to show you how it works. It's actually very easy!
    Link to YouTube:
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  6. I notice the U.S. version is available for download now. I put in my VIN and chose USA as country instead of Canada, and it will allow me to add to cart. The Update number is slightly different (141S5_B vs 143S5_B), so I don't feel comfortable downloading and attempting install. I'll just be patient as it can't be much longer for the Canadian download.
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  7. Really? I just "added to Cart", and the only thing that does is force me to the $25 Charge for the USB stick to be shipped. I don't see any DOWNLOAD option (still). USA here.
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    I'm currently downloading the US update (I'm in Canada), I did have the option to download.

    I'll get back with the results when completed
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  9. These are the options I got. I chose the "free" option, enetered my VIN and was able to add to cart.

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  10. That's exactly what I had.
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    Same here. Tried to install the US update on my Canadian Kona and the system says it cannot validate the navigation card
    So we'll have to keep on waiting
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  12. Good to know. Thanks for attempting.
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  13. Interesting ... Seems different for the 2020 Model ? No DOWNLOAD option.

    Screenshot 2020-05-27 12.53.27.png
  14. Right. Not clear why. It's the same map version, but I believe the 2019 is an SD card and 2020 is USB, right? (I could tell from some of the posts above if people added their model and year to the Location field of their profile - hint hint.)

    Mapnsoft's responsive customer support said today: "We are very sorry for the delays, we do not have a set date yet. However, I do know they are releasing another wave of updates within the next week, so maybe it will be made available then."
  15. Update is available to download now for the 2020 kona in Canada
  16. Here are some of the changes shown in my video. Also there is an option that I found seems to not be explained anywhere. The "P" button.
    Does anybody know what it is doing?
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  17. For the U.S. too.
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    The update is now available for Canada, downloading right now. Kona 2019
  19. OK, yea, it's now available for 2020's USA .. Maybe my "complaint" that emailed their SUPPORT yesterday resolved this? Anyway, kind of surprised it requires a 64GB USB Stick ! ... but Whatever ... Guess I need to go purchase one.
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    Now installed and I have the traffic routes calculation finally! Maybe I'll start using it.
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