My VW ID.4 AWD PRO S 2021 is dead.

Discussion in 'ID.4' started by Waa, Sep 22, 2022.

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Anyone else having these problems?

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  1. Waa

    Waa New Member

    Lost front motor and control panel. The EV bucked made a bunch of wines drove itself out of garage and died (yes, I was in the car helping all I could, but the VW had the steer.). We have a loaner VW Tiguan. No date given from dealer when the parts will go to an order status. 7700 miles. going on the 2nd month Oct 1th. Conners of Out of Spec knows be is not talking. How does maintenance work for German VW and will 2021 receive 2022 IQ.Drive updates? Someone please advise cause VW is not!
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  3. Waa

    Waa New Member

    Update September 23. No estimate on time of repair. Service manager checked then called me back and said: 25 like ID.4's have the same failures (Front engine component(s)). So we spend $58 so far on gas. Now I miss my Chevy Volt 2015. I like the ID.4. I do worry why no software updates.
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  4. At least they are aware of the issue, hopefully the "fix" will occur before too long. Thanks for the update- maybe time to start a "repair issues and fixes" sticky thread in this sub-forum for ease of look-up (message @Domenick how to accomplish that)
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