MPG Mileage after first fill-up

Discussion in 'Mitsubishi' started by John Hepler, Sep 13, 2018.

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  1. John Hepler

    John Hepler New Member

    Not long ago, I had to finally refill my new Outlander PHEV after purchase in May.

    I was able to get 159 MPG, by being diligent to use EV only mode as often as possible. Most my driving is a daily commute that is below the 25 miles all EV range. On my second tank, I'm only allowing the car to use default mode (hybrid) with no active selecting of EV only.

    I'll report back, but so far, very pleased.
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  3. gooki

    gooki Well-Known Member

    Great result.
  4. marshall

    marshall Well-Known Member

    It seems like the small SUV is working well for your summer driving. Hopefully, the electric cabin heater will keep you warm in the winter without losing too much EV range and make you happy with the vehicle all year round .

    I saw one at the National Drive Electric Week car show last week and the owners seemed to like the vehicle. Mitsubishi may have a winner on their hands to compete with the Honda Clarity in the USA market.

    Keep us informed as you go through fall, winter, and spring.
  5. John Hepler

    John Hepler New Member

    We live in Atlanta, so the winters re mild, thankfullly.

    The big advantage the Mitsubishi has over the Clarity and other PHEVs in the US market is that the Outlander is a true (small) SUV, whereas the Clarify is a sedan. For us, that was thee determining factor. We need the SUV to put a wheelchair in, which would not fit in any of the sedans.

    So, the combo of the PHEV, mileage and SUV was a winner for us.
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  6. Yanni

    Yanni Member

    Hi John--Wondering if you have any insight (have you been tracking) as to how many miles you get on a full charge (EV ONLY)?

    I've seen people randomly say that they get above 30, even up to 34 miles on a full charge using ONLY EV with the current OutlanderPHEV. That would seem amazing, as if it was easily, readily possible why wouldn't Mitsu use these higher numbers in their marketing/EPA, etc?? Maybe they go downhill a lot..LOL

    I am not in dire need of a car, but want to get an SUV/AWD and can wait a bit longer.

    Am excited about the new Outlander that's been launched abroad. Atkinson, larger battery, more efficient use of electric energy, other random upgrades..

    HOWEVER Mitsu is not announcing when it's coming to the USA...I even called the US HQ and the lady (reading a script) said it is NEVER coming. Really? NEVER? I just figure she hasn't been told...or is told to stick to the party line until all the current models are sold. She said the 2019 version is coming in "the summer" but that all that's changed is something about A/C in the back. I didn't bother to find out if she meant A/C OUTLETS or Air/Conditioning.

    In comparison to the other PHEV SUV's available here now, the Outlander looks the best on paper. Had been holding my breath for the Subaru...but Ugh. 17 miles ? I'll ride my bike instead, thankyou! :-(
    I'm almost beaten down and ready to buy a Kia Niro and forego the AWD.
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  8. John Hepler

    John Hepler New Member

    My all EV mileage depends on the weather (cold winter vs. hot summer). In the summer, I seem to get close to 30 miles/charge but I'm noticing now that in the winter, that has dropped closer to 23-25.

    I reported that my first gas fill-up when I was very diligent about using all EV as much as possible was 159 mpg. My next go around I intentionally DID NOT select all EV, and allowed the car to run on default hybrid mode. My next fill-up after that was 129 mpg, so not bad at all. That was all commuting and city driving- no long haul highway driving.
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  9. Yanni

    Yanni Member

    Thank you for posting this! We don't really have "winter" where we live. We have to drive 1 1/2 hours to get to "winter" but will use this car in that snow through the winter when on ski trips. Getting +/- 30 miles/charge for all the other days of the year is really good news. :)

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