More crazyness out of Japan. Direct oil subsidies for gasoline

Discussion in 'General' started by gooki, Nov 20, 2021.

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  1. gooki

    gooki Active Member

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  3. SouthernDude

    SouthernDude Active Member

    Why is it crazy for the Japanese government to want cheaper fuel for their citizens? There isn't enough EV manufacturing in the world to replace all the cars that are used there. EVs are still in early adoption.
  4. gooki

    gooki Active Member

    ***face palm***

    Because globally aren't we trying to discourage people from buying fuel?

    Letting the price rise to it's natural equilibrium will encourage their people to look at alternative forms of transport.

    Then factor in the $$$ they're spending on subsides, if these instead went to green tech, then they have more options available.
  5. gooki

    gooki Active Member

    Japan lacks the ability to build EVs at scale because the failed to scale the solutions that exist today.
  6. SouthernDude

    SouthernDude Active Member

    No. The general goal is about people using alternative fuel and this isn't achievable at current production levels. I am opposed to all forms of government market manipulation, but that doesn't mean the intentions behind doing it are always insane. It isn't crazy for the Japanese government to want cheap gas for their citizens - especially when the majority of them cannot switch to EVs anyways.

    Fine by me. But the same applies to EVs as well. There is no sense in spending endless amounts of subsidies on EVs or other "green" tech too. It is better to allow the tech to improve and people adopt it when they are ready for it.

    I would argue that this is false. Lithium ion batteries did not start commercial production until 1991. It took time for enough demand in general to push the prices of lithium ion batteries down far enough to justify putting them in cars. same goes for all the other newer components that needed to be developed.
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  8. Like it or not, the transition to EVs is not complete yet, or anywhere near. I think manufacturers are moving as fast as they can (lots of challenges and obstacles still to overcome). But we can't starve them (cap ex) or their customers (taking away buy power), or the process will take even longer.

    And remember, at this point in time, the transition to EVs are mostly among the upper income elite. We also have to consider those that still depend on low cost ICE vehicles and gasoline for their day to day driving needs. I know this is an EV forum and we are all very enthusiastic about going EV. But let's not forget about those less fortunate than us, who are barely making ends meet.
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  9. gooki

    gooki Active Member

    Production levels will always be out of reach if no one ever invests to make the future happen.
  10. gooki

    gooki Active Member

    So Japan's answer to that is to make gas cheaper for everyone by giving money to oil refineries? Seem stupid to me, better to give tax breaks for lower income households.

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