Discussion in 'Outlander PHEV' started by LARS DAHL, Mar 17, 2018.

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    LARS DAHL New Member

    I have been waiting for 5 years with my XLS holding up and now i bought my outlander 3 weeks ago and I grant you that I am in a warm climate, florida, and do mostly short jaunts during the day but my gas consumption at 437 miles is 2 (US) my electrical bill $4.18 ($0.106/kwh) for a total of less than $10 for 437 miles. I am very happy.
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    LARS DAHL New Member

    to add to that post, if you are in florida in March and dont need either AC or heating the range on E goes from 24 to 32.
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  4. Thanks for that bit of info. Are you in south Florida? I'm in the north (Tallahassee) and this March has been pretty chilly overall.

    LARS DAHL New Member

    I am in Venice, south of Sarasota, and have not needed any heat, a couple of days of AC though. At the moment I have used $7.97 worth of electricity and still 2 gallons of gas and am at 656 miles. I realize (and that's why I bought this thing) that I am the perfect customer with low daily mileage with an rare longer trip and with a light foot on the gas pedal as well as running in B3 all the time. My 656 miles at 5.5 gallons of fuel (gas plus electric) comes out at 121 mpg. Beat that please.
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  6. Great data and an awesome MPGe!

    You appear to be way ahead of the EPA mileage estimate of 75 MPGe. Nice!
    We need to find some more Outlander owners to see if they are nearly a good at beating the EPA.
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    LARS DAHL New Member

    if you want to be even real better some of the charges was by CHAdeMo at nochargetocharge, $.80 worth and not reflected in the total cost
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  9. WadeTyhon

    WadeTyhon Well-Known Member

    Very nice! I assume this is your first plug-in? Congrats! 121 MPG is pretty dang impressive. My wife has maxed out her 'MPG' estimate on the Volt! She hasn't used gas since early last year!

    The more you drive the outlander the more you'll find ways to maximize your MPG. I find it fun, personally XD.
  10. Chopwood

    Chopwood New Member

    I was able to pick up a GT in Denver on December 30th. Now have just over 3600 miles on it and very happy with the vehicle. So far I have used 61.7 gallons, MPG at each fill has varied from 35 to 81. I can just make it to the nearest grocery store and back on EV only. A run up the mountain in snow and single digit temps gave the 35mpg on a 280 mile trip. Have been extremely impressed with the vehicle in the snow and ice even with the OEM tires, between the AWD, electric motors, and regenerative braking this is outstanding. Surprised me with how effortlessly it made it to the barn with 2 to 3 foot snow drifts one morning, let alone how sweet that climate control app helps. Running silent helps with the livestock too, they prefer seeing the Outlander to a cold diesel!
    Other great features I'm impressed with is the coasting ability in B0, the ease of speed control with the paddle shifters, and the legroom in the back seats (I'm 6'5", no worries), overall a great practical AWD SUV. I have only been able to recharge away from the house maybe 5 times, that will improve in the future I'm sure and using the DC fast charge was brilliant, just need more of them free.
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  11. Sounds like you have an interesting ownership experience going on there. Feel free to start a new thread if you want to share more about your unique driving situations and such. :)
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    Pretty cool here, so we have 3 Florida drivers, North area, south area Venice and we are in Tampa area!
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