Merceded Benz EQE SUV MBUC Hypercscreen - NOT!

Discussion in 'EQE' started by MRYFLYGUY, Apr 10, 2023.

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    MRYFLYGUY Member

    I've been following development on the EQE SUV since MB announced the car as a "future Model." IMO. it's a great looking design with a beautiful interior in the right size with the right range. Additionally, it will be built in Alabama so it will be eligible for at least some of the $7500 tax credit.

    I was even more convinced this is my Tesla killer when prices were announced and the latest EQE SUV page on MBUSA web site gallery pictures of the SUV with the MBUX Hyperscreen (basicall, wall to wall dashboard, three screen display ala. Cadillac Lyriq). The last thing I want in an EV is a cobbled together interior that looks look the manufacturer just tacked on an iPad to the dash of the ICE version of the car similar to what Tesla, Polestar, BMW, etc. have done.

    So I stated researching the BMUX Hyperscreen and found. a few articles that mentioned the MBUX Hyperscreen was not going to be available for EQE SUVs made in the US. What? All the EQE SUV marketing pics I've seen include gallery pics of the SUV with the Hyperscreen. I couldn't believe it so I foresee off a message to MBUSA regarding the Hyperscreen. This was their reply.

    Thank you for emailing the Customer Assistance Center.

    The MY23 EQE SUV will not include the Hyperscreen as depicted on the website nor in the trim level for MY23 EQE SUV.

    Should you need to contact us via email in the future, please visit the Contact Us page.

    Best Regards,

    Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC

    The MBUX system we will be getting in the US built EQE SUV is the two screen version similar to what's available now in EQE sedan with a tacked on instrument cluster display behind the steering wheel. This is very deceptive advertising on Mercedes Benz USA's part intended to mislead customers and I did reply as such. Needless to say, I'm not expecting an answer but this practice is downright devious and deceitful. What ever happened to "truth in advertising?" I expected more from MBUSA but, clearly, they're no better than the rest.
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  3. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    Remember InsideEVs' 2021 story about the exhorbitant markup a dealer was charging for an electric MB? I'd guess MB will be unable to match EQE supply with demand and dealers will be charging way over MSRP for the 2023 EQE. So there's little incentive for MB to pack features into the few 2023 EQEs that make it into US garages--they're all essentially pre-sold.

    Then, after MB adds the MBUX to the 2024 US EQE, the next-door neighbors of those who got one the few 2023 EQEs will be able to one-up those early adopters (although possibly paying an even steeper dealer markup). And MB won't have to update their ads--the MBUX is already in them.
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    MRYFLYGUY Member

    MB just released MY23 pricing for the US built EQE SUV in March so it might be a while before we see MY24 pricing. It will be interesting to see if the Hyperscreen ever appears as an option/configuration - I suspect it was just a marketing ploy.

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