Manipulation of Tesla's stock price?

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Mar 1, 2018.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    We know of the shill media and its petrol sponsors against work against Tesla. They tell an endless stream of straight black lies timed to help box in the Tesla stock and keep it from overtaking the petrol welfare representative GM on market cap. Good news about Tesla is almost always countered by abject obvious lies as of late. Really need to start to track these contributors failed prognostications so their record of discredit can be published next to everything they put out along with the general discredit of their shill sites in the hopes that people will begin to just filter it as spam .i.e. proper RSS or setting up search templates with proper not flagging.

    We know about the short sellers and their manipulations- what have they lost so far, has to be up to around 20 billion USD lost on Tesla and we know they too are just petrol financed which is to say corporate welfare financed- its tax dollars doing this in all cases ultimately.

    But the most interesting case might be the petrol industries' straight purchase of Tesla common stock through various fronts in a cumulative way during flat times so they can work to cancel rallies so the stock doesn't break out above GM's market cap again. So far no other company on the planet has produced a non compliance form factor car aside from Tesla and without Tesla none would be considering it because they are all just petrol retail suppliers. Jaguar's new SUV is pure compliance at the back of the car. No one has produced a serious car.

    Porshe has been pretty dishonest as of late about Tesla software limits as if they were hard limits and as if they applied to the next roadster. Porsche needs to fix the styling on its mission E. Also know its not serious because its mission E. doesn't have the highest performance specs of any vehicle it makes so we know it to is not serious. Only the Chinese and some smaller boutique makes seem to be serious.

    Nice to track back to the petrol companies how much they keep buying and losing on Tesla common stock dampener dumps. Guessing when there is a real hard push on Tesla stock Petrol's manipulations won't be able to nix it without becoming obvious, not even with electronic hacks at the exchange level as it would be to obvious.
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  3. Feed The Trees

    Feed The Trees Active Member

    Tesla's financial concerns aren't how much GM is buying, it's how much they're hemorrhaging and not selling Model 3s.
  4. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Its not GM buying per se, its more Exxon and that nasty ilk buying- but could be a little GM in the mix as GM is just the paint on that broken machine. And model 3 reservations are going up no down- the model 3 has been the most successful car launch in the history of the automobile because people recognize obsolete trash when they see it. The model S is the dominant money is no concern luxury car because electric is better at any price even for the most discerning no compromise buyers.

    How likely was it for a American firm to beat all the big German makes not just in the US but also in Germany? Germans make some good cars. Japanese make great cars but note what happened in the US with Japanese luxury makes verses German in the last decade (my preference is still strongly Japanese) its just that it prove to an extent that despite destroying art and quality with tech junk in the German brands they make some good stuff but they got knocked on their asses KO'd by an American upstart in their most ego driven and defining segment because electric (if you're not building fake compliance econo-box **** intentionally designed to turn most people off to protect the petrol welfare scam- most egregious scam in history) is that unequivocally superior. Its the 10x better difference that creates utter unmitigated destruction but in this case its pure social justice because its destroying nothing but unfettered destruction. But more than that even the medium term continued existence of the petrol fuel energy industry is probably the greatest threat to human survival- forget national security BS petrol is worse than the whole human race having a crack habit, the pusher needs and electric lights out bullet. And that bullet is the good idea whose time has come- the cure.

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