LEAF Spy Pro on 2019 Leaf

Discussion in 'LEAF' started by David Douglas, Jul 16, 2019.

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  1. David Douglas

    David Douglas New Member

    Anyone running Spy Pro on a 2019 Leaf?
    if so any recommends on an OBDII that works well

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  3. Kenneth Bokor

    Kenneth Bokor Active Member

  4. There is chatter out there that the stats off of Leaf Spy are not as accurate on the 2018 and 2019 model. It seems pretty accurate to me in my use with my Plus. Any substantiation? How has degradation been on your 18 Leaf so far?
  5. Kenneth Bokor

    Kenneth Bokor Active Member

    I would agree with that somewhat. My 2018 has about 35,000 kms and I've only Rapid Charged about a dozen times so far. Vast majority is Level 2 at home. SOH shows just under 93% and it showed about 98.9% when I got it new. So I don't think it is bang on and I mainly use it for monitoring battery temps.
  6. Ed Dixon

    Ed Dixon New Member

    While Leaf Spy Pro works with the 2019 Leaf, it gives inaccurate battery info and stats. It hasn't been updated in 2 years and is not setup for the 2019 model.

    The basic operation is good and things like codes seem to work as well. But battery size selection does not include the correct options for the 2019 Leaf Plus (which has a 62KW battery).
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  8. It has been updated for the 62 pack, and has worked just fine for myself and our 2 Leaf Pluses.

    The BMS hides a few percent of SoH in the first 18 months we think to protect the battery.
  9. Ed Dixon

    Ed Dixon New Member

    Not here it hasn't. iOS version shows 1.7.38, from 2 years ago. Largest battery is shown as 60. Other features also don't support the 2019 model in the iOS version.

  10. Facinating. I have been using the Android version.
  11. New2LEAF

    New2LEAF New Member

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  13. New2LEAF

    New2LEAF New Member

    Just trying to tighten out how to use this site.
    I have recently purchased a 2018 Nissan Leaf and wondered if anyone had recommendations for best options for winter tires and rims??
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  14. Rich Wener

    Rich Wener New Member

    I have 2016 Leaf, bought used, that is a great car. I just purchased an OBD (KONNWEI New KW902 Mini ELM327 Bluetooth Wireless OBD-II OBD2), to use with Leaf Spy (lite for the moment) but haven't been able to get it to work. The light is on so I assume it gets power. I plugged it in, then turned on Leaf, then booted Spy Lite - but nothing on the screen. The device shows up on android bt options, but when leaf spy tries to connect and I get the message '(bTs) read failed, socket may be closed or time out, read ret - 1.' Any help appreciated.

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