Kona Electric DC fast charge speed

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Domenick, Aug 10, 2018.

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  3. Just my two cents from yesterday:

    Charged from 12% to about 78% on an EVGO 50kw charger. All the way through at a rate of 47kw. When it began to taper off at 76ish percent I unplugged and continued my trip. Outside air temperature was about 7-8°C (45F).

    A second charging session about 2 hours later was from about 30% to about 60% also on an EVGO 50kw charger but it only delivered 37kw.

    Not sure why.

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  4. cv_trail_runner

    cv_trail_runner New Member

    I just got my Kona (great car) and drove it from San Diego to the SF Bay Area yesterday, which required a few stops at EvGO chargers. I had some trouble getting them to charge it past 70%. The charger kept automatically shutting off at 70% and I had to re-initiate the session a few times to get it up to 80%. From 70% to 80%, I had to restart the charge 4 times. I spoke to EvGO's customer service and they didn't even have the Kona in the system. They said the issue might be because their system thought the car's charge % has already reached 80% and the charger shuts off.

    Has anyone else experienced this?
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  5. Congrats! Did you get a the white limited? Maybe you picked it up at the same dealer I got my black premium.

    I charged at a EVGo charger and it didn't stop at 70 % for me. Straight from 12% to %80.

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  6. cv_trail_runner

    cv_trail_runner New Member

    Nope, I got the Ceramic Blue one. I did meet the owners of the White Limited one at the EvGO station at the shopping mall right next door. It looks like we both needed some juice after leaving the dealer. The dealer had only a tiny little trickle charger.

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  8. Then it was a different dealer because he charged up the white limited for me to 100%. Just to find out I wanted the ultimate, which I told him on the phone.

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  9. cv_trail_runner

    cv_trail_runner New Member

    Hah yeah... I explicitly asked the dealer to pre-charge it for me since I had a long roadtrip ahead. They didn't plug it in until I got there. :( Other than that, the experience was actually quite pleasant. It was Bob Baker Hyundai in Carlsbad California, by the way.
  10. Coming back from San Diego to Las Vegas again today I charged at a 175kw charger. My Kona received the charge at 70kw. Had been driving for 2.5 hours. Even though it was pretty cold outside I assume because of the driving the battery was nice and warm. Great to see it being able to charge that fast. 925067626.jpeg

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  11. CJC

    CJC Well-Known Member

    How are you liking the Ceramic Blue with the white roof, pillars, mirrors etc? I have the Ceramic Blue and I find it a bit bland, and I want to wrap mine like yours. Are you happy with it? Thanks.
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  13. Yep 300+ miles should warm up the pack. Wish we had that level of charging around here:rolleyes:
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  14. Yeah, that's the nice thing around this area. Lots of 50kw chargers. At the same station are actually two 350kw chargers as well. Not that it would help us, but pretty nice. :D
  15. So thinking about this I'm actually confused: in all the reviews I read that the Kona has a 100kw charging capability. But being hooked up to the 175kw charger I only received 70kw max. So what is the max charge rate?

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  16. Best explained here:
    There is a chart showing the max rate on a 175 kW charger, and further down several posts explain that the literature supplied from Hyundai SUPPORTS 100kW chargers not 100kW charging.
    So it looks like 77kW is the fastest (providing you can actually find one that works without "communication error" ( more on that later)
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  17. This excerpt from the launch press release seems pretty clear that it was supposed to charge at 100 kW: "A full charge can be achieved in 54 minutes with a Level-III quick charge (zero to 80 percent charge @ 100 kW), using the SAE-Combo charging port, while a 7.2 kW Level-II charger takes nine hours and thirty five minutes. This 100 kW DC fast-charging capability is standard on the Kona Electric."
    Perhaps they can increase it with an update?
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  18. KonaTom

    KonaTom Well-Known Member

    The numbers don't seem to add up. A charge to 80% on a 64 kwh battery should represent 51.2 kwh. 54 minutes is .9 of an hour, so 51.2 / .9 =56.9 kwh. So the charge rate must be around an average 57 kw over the 54 minutes, I think. Am I doing it wrong? A 100kw charge should only take about 38 minutes to achieve 80%.
  19. The thing is, batteries can't take their peak power input over the course of the whole charging time. It may start a little slow until temperatures become ideal, then as it gets closer to full, the power will taper down.
    If you think of the process like charged ions rushing from a full parking lot (cathode) to an empty parking lot (anode), as the previously-empty lot becomes more full, it's harder to find a spot, so the speed slows to reduce the chance of fender benders.
    When doing this calculation, also consider that the entire 64 kWh battery will never be charged. Not sure off the top of my head if we know what percentage of the Hyundai pack is buffer.
  20. KonaTom

    KonaTom Well-Known Member

    Yes I understood that. The point is, it does not charge at 100kw. As electriceddie said it is only compatable with 100 chargers. And the average charge rate over the 54 minutes is only 57kw. Starting low then building to maybe 70kw then slowing down to more like 40kw nearing 80%.
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  21. KonaTom

    KonaTom Well-Known Member

    I think Bjorn got it up to 73kw once for a short time. Huyndai should not say it charges at 100kw when it doesn't. They should say 'at a 100+kw charger' instead.
  22. Good find! Seeing as the article is directed to U.S version owners may have a case, but I doubt for Cdn's. Apparently the same specs were issued early in the game in U.K but references to it have been recently removed.
  23. Kitsilano

    Kitsilano Active Member

    Like electriceddy, I'm sceptical about anything close to a 100 kW DC fast-charging capability for the Kona.
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