Kona as a backup battery for home power outage?

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Jgood, Nov 5, 2019.

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    Thanks. With this knowledge I'm going to buy a 1200 Watt pure sine wave inverter, attach it to the battery if we get a power failure here in central CT,
    and plug in my electric blanket.
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    Hey what do you think of this unit? It claims to be able to charge 1300Wh in under two hours, wow, so it can take most everything the Kona 12V can throw at it. Feels like it can be an ideal backup scenario for us.

    Thanks for breaking things down for me. Other than much lower continuous/peak output than something like the EcoFlow Delta linked above, are there more disadvantages to the inverter-only setup you suggest?

    Also thanks for letting me know about the Vue. I bought one and can't wait to play with it.

    Everything is gas for me in the winter, both water and heat, and no pumps or anything. So you're right, for emergencies I can likely get by even on the Kona 12V alone. That said, maybe something more powerful like the above 1800W/3300W EcoFlow is still a prudent choice, especially if it can really be recharged by the Kona at the rate that it alleges. Penny for everyone's thoughts.
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    So the ecoflow is basically a 100 amp hour lithium battery connected to an inverter/charger. It has a 1800 watt output so it makes about 5 amps more than connecting an inverter straight to the Kona battery. Not sure its worth a grand for that. Also eventually you will reach a steady-state where what your putting in from the Kona is what you getting out of the ECOFlow. The only real advantage is the surge capacity. For that I would just buy a couple of deep cycle batteries to connect in parallel with the Kona battery and hook the inverter to the deep cycle batteries. This will cut the draw from any one battery including the Kona and its charger while providing short term surge capacity for running things such as running the furnace and the refrigerator simultaneously then when the surge settles the Kona will bring the charge back up on all the batteries.
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