Just received a build date for my F150 Lightning Pro

Discussion in 'F-150 Lightning' started by Fastnf, Oct 20, 2022.

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  1. Just received a build date for my F150 Lightning Pro (also know as a unicorn given how rare they are). I was initially told I would be scheduled for autumn 2023, but now I am scheduled for a build start on 11-28-22. I am guessing it will arrive a few months after that. Maybe late January or early February
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  3. I wonder if your move up has to do with the Ford price hikes, higher interest rates, and looming recession, causing some loss in demand. But good for you. Sounds like it will meet your requirements and wants very well.
  4. I reserved the lightning Pro in the first few hours they became available. I was in the second wave allowed to order. So if thy are just getting through first day of reservation for Pros I doubt the demand is softening. I think more likely they are ramping up production to meet demand. I know a lot of folks in the f150 forum are still waiting for a chance to order one. I am looking forward to moving from my 1993 F250 4x4 to a much more technologically advanced truck
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  5. Texas Niro EV

    Texas Niro EV Active Member

    I just received the invitation to covert from a reservation to an order. Although I had decided to pass up on the F150L, temptation overwhelmed me and I placed the order. The invitation came about six months earlier than I expected.

    I took a Ford survey a few months back stating that I planned to order the F150L in Lariat ER trim. In the F150L forum there were posts stating that people who indicated on the survey that they were going order the Lariat ER were moved up on the list. Based on the order tracker spreadsheet on the F150L forum, I expect to receive a build date in about four months with actual delivery to occur in five to seven months.

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  6. Congratulations. I am sure the build date will come sooner than you expect. I know mine did. Mine has been moved a week to the 12-5-22 but not that far off. I figure it will be 6-8 weeks to delivery after its built.
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  8. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    Thanks to the pandemic in 2020, I can understand why my MINI Electric took months to get from Oxford, UK, to Michigan, but I can't fathom why it would take that long to get a truck from the Ford Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in Michigan to Tehachapi, California.

    Will your dealer be conducting a multi-week dealer-prep (including many joy-rides for burgers at lunchtime) to help justify a massive mark-up over MSRP?
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  9. The biggest problem appears to be a shortage of carrier truck drivers. I have been tracking others deliveries on the F150 forum and 6-8 weeks to California seem typical.

    My dealer which is about an hour from me (also the closest) is an old school ICE truck dealer, so fortunately they have no interest in the Lighting and think I am a little off for buying one and will be charging MSRP because the can't believe any one would even pay that much for a glorified golf cart. Bubba will be taking the F350 super duty (a real truck) for the burger runs.
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  10. Texas Niro EV

    Texas Niro EV Active Member

    So much for that prediction. I received a build date of1/16/2023, 62 days from the order date. I’m now looking at a delivery date as early as February but I still haven’t figured out how I’m going to pay for it.

    Stone Gray Metallic, Lariat ER with Max Towing package.

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  11. I know the feeling. Was told I would be able to order fall of 2023 and then sent an invitation to order August 2022. Was planing on waiting patiently Now it look like the truck will arrive in January when I am in the middle of major house renovations and solar install.
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