Issues with location-based charging...

Discussion in 'Kia Niro' started by Kia Guy, Nov 24, 2021.

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  1. Kia Guy

    Kia Guy Member

    Since the new update, my 2019 Niro has not been abiding by my location-based charging settings.

    Previously, when at home, it would prioritize off-peak charging. Now, it just begins charging immediately. Before I elevate this issue to the dealership (and particularly because it's a software issue that I can resolve myself), I'd like to ask if anyone else is experiencing issues and if NOT: 1. are you on the new navigation software, and 2) what are your particular settings for location-based charging?

    When I reset my "location", I have attempted selecting my Home from Saved Places, and I have also just tried manually selecting the area my car is parked in on the map. Neither have been fruitful.

    The EV page indicates "Not in set location" when parked at home... so that is incorrect.

    Thanks for input
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  3. This might help or not...

    I used to wait until I had locked the vehicle, and the little light in the charging port went out...

    I got weird charging times, often it would start charging immediately.

    then I found that if I plugged the charger in WHILE the light was still on, no more issues with schedules.

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  4. Kia Guy

    Kia Guy Member

    Hmm, I'll give this a go right now and report back.

    EDIT: No success.
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2021
  5. 8wattCREWCUT

    8wattCREWCUT New Member

    My 2022 Niro EV has the same problem with location charging, which began with the new firmware update (11/21). It says I am not in my set location, and starts charging immediately.

    I found a workaround deep in the EV menu: under "Restrict Location for Scheduled Charging/Climate," check [*] Do Not Use.

    With "Do Not Use" checked, it will wait to charge at the scheduled time when I plug-in, just like before. I assume, however, that it will also wait to charge at ALL locations, unless I remember to disable the feature when plugging in away from home.
  6. Kevin Smith

    Kevin Smith Guest

    Do you guys like to set a different charge rate per location? I'm just curious why you use location based instead of straight up schedule.
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  8. Kia Guy

    Kia Guy Member

    In my case, I have a small small panel (only 100 amps), so I like to ensure that I never hit near max usage by prioritizing my charges to start at night. I don't want to have to make a trip to the garage at night though, so I like using the location based feature.

    When I'm out and about, I want my car to ignore those schedules and just start juicing immediately.

    Anyway, it started working again, spontaneously; however, one thing is new, it starts charging for about a minute prior to the Niro realizing it is in the location for scheduled charging. Then it turns off. It's not serious enough for me to consider contacting the dealership so I'll live with it.
  9. 8wattCREWCUT

    8wattCREWCUT New Member

    Alas, My Niro Ev still thinks it's not home with location based charging set to home. No spontaneous recovery, yet.

    I like scheduled charging -- my circuit is 30AMP, and I limit charging to medium. Plus, the delay until after midnight puts the charge in the coolest part of the day. On days I need a full charge, it's ready to go when I drive off the next morning, without being parked long at 100%. I also have three teens with capricious hairdryer habits, LOL, so it doesn't hurt to postpone the juicing to the wee hours at my house.

    But, indeed, I like location based charging because the first month with the car I had it scheduled fine. That was good. But, I wanted to benefit from some convenient public charging, and no matter what I did, it just wouldn't take a charge, or it would crawl doing Level 2 more like at home-- because I had it scheduled and slowed down, and --user error-- I hadn't figured out how to use location based charging, or how to use the dash button to juice right away, or get the full 6.6 KWH out of the public charger. I am OK with it all now, technically, but a functioning location based charging feature-- that would be the cat's meow.
  10. Kia Guy

    Kia Guy Member

    @8wattCREW, are you saying that your location-based charging is not working after installing the software?
  11. Kevin Smith

    Kevin Smith Guest

    Thanks guys that makes sense :)
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  13. Kia Guy

    Kia Guy Member

    And it just stopped functioning altogether again... I think I'll have to reach out to the dealership.
  14. Kia Guy

    Kia Guy Member

    Took the vehicle to the dealership today. No luck in resolving, so the dealership will be in contact with Kia.
  15. Kia Guy

    Kia Guy Member

    Did you resolve your issue?

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