Ioniq 5 safer than Tesla Model 3 in Korea NCAP crash testing

Discussion in 'Hyundai Ioniq 5' started by kennykim, Aug 17, 2021.

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  1. kennykim

    kennykim New Member

    KNCAP Safety Test = Ioniq 5 Tier 1, Tesla Model 3 = Tier2

    Overall safety level: TOP Safety (92.1)

    Overall safety level: Safety Level 2 (83.3)
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  3. GaryClark

    GaryClark Active Member

    The last cross traffic safety stop for the bicyclist was a stunning difference with a three for three on the Tesla. With software they are constantly revising is the common response but this is a consumer release I would assume but a five star (95.9%) versus a three star (59.5%) is where it's at after years for development. I think for everyones good Tesla should at lease put the gear back on the car for the emergency braking gain alone if not for assisted driving abilities. It's there and now it just a matter of physics to stop this much weight and that amount of distance.
  4. Yeah its looks like the software response and braking were a little better for a high speed encounter of the Ionic with a pedestrian/bicycle. That said it appears a pedestrian would be less injured with a Tesla frontal contact vs Ionic at same speed based on shapes of the front ends. A frontal bicycle contact would likely be nasty in either car. It also looks like the Tesla's frame integrity was a little better during the lateral crash tests. Both look like very solid cars, I don't see enough data here that would sway me one way or another.
  5. GaryClark

    GaryClark Active Member

    Tesla’s are very good in their ratings. A bench mark if you will.

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