intermittent clicks when on, 2018 Volt

Discussion in 'Volt' started by Jimmy D, Apr 2, 2024.

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  1. Jimmy D

    Jimmy D New Member

    Car runs great. No failure or warning lights. Electrical clicking sound coming from under hood on driver side. Will last for a few seconds to half a minute. Occurs when driving, when stopped, whenever car is on. Anyone familiar with this issue?
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  3. there is the brake pump
  4. Jimmy D

    Jimmy D New Member

    Nebula and others,
    Thanks for your response to my query about the clicking sound. You said "there is the brake pump". Is the sound normal? Do you know if there's an easy fix? Would be great if you could clarify a bit. Yes, the sound seems to be coming from near the brake fluid reservoir.

  5. Is it this? It's the iBooster making the sound, there is a software update for Bolts to reduce or stop it from doing this but for Volts there is no update. You will hear it anyway during startup or shutdown when it tests it.

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