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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by ajekimtsev, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. ajekimtsev

    ajekimtsev New Member

    Hi all,

    I'm new here, and hope I could become a part of the community.

    First a bit about myself - I worked nearly 3y in Tesla Motors, which sparked my interest in electric vehicles.
    After Tesla I moved on to pursue career in Media where I opened a tech company - Adverttu, that allows brands on advertise on private vehicles. Brands get exposure they need, drivers - get passive income for purely cruising around with an ad on their car.

    The company is still fairly young, and I would be thrilled to hear your honest opinion on the offering.

    The latest campaign we're getting drivers for is for a company called Meatless Farm. It starts mid-August, and pays £175 to EV drivers. Would any of you be hypothetically interested to join / be at least considering such proposition?

    Again - keen to hear your thoughts guys & gals

    P.S. The full campaign info is in the Adverttu app, but the website is here
    Happy for you to add me on LinkedIn as well!
  2. ajekimtsev

    ajekimtsev New Member

    We still have a few spaces left for a campaign, so PM me if interested :)

    We're now affiliated with evowners.com, so you will be in good company!
  3. gooki

    gooki Active Member

    £175 a week, month, quarter, year?
  4. gooki

    gooki Active Member

    PS. Nice concept. I'd probably sign up if it was available in NZ.
  5. ajekimtsev

    ajekimtsev New Member

    Hey there,

    It's £175 per month. Thank you for your kind words :)
  6. gooki

    gooki Active Member

    At that rate, if seems like a decent offer, and is something I'd sign up for.

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