How to verify software version

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by netvm, Nov 22, 2018.

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  1. netvm

    netvm New Member


    I am going to purchase a base model Friday(tomorrow) morning. The car has a manufacture date Aug. 2018, but only showed up at dealership last week. Asked salesman about software updates(such as 18-097) several times and he insists they have done 2nd inspection and no updates need to be done.

    How do I verify that all the updates(18-089,18-090,18-091,18-096 and 18-097) have been applied to this car?

    Is there a software version number under Settings->Vehicle ? Or can you find version number in HondaLink app?
    If so, for those of you have applied updates, what is your version number?

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  3. netvm

    netvm New Member

    Based on owner's manual at page 318, suppose there is some OS information.

    Home->Settings->System->Others->Detail Information
    "Displays the details of the head unit and operating system information."

    Could anyone provide what is on that screen? I hope there are some software updates related info under this screen.

  4. Margo

    Margo New Member

    I just bought mine Wednesday. It shows the Application Version to be 1.F1A2.45. I have no idea if this is current or not. I also don't know what the "Device No." means.
  5. netvm

    netvm New Member

    I bought mine two days ago. I checked Build number and it is same as your - 1F1A2.45. Based on other information on that same screen, I think this might just be related to infotainment system, but not the software that mentioned in service bulletin.

    Also, a small correction, my car was built in October. So This could be why dealer said everything is up to date.
  6. craze1cars

    craze1cars Well-Known Member

    That’s the version of the software in the tablet that Honda glued to the dashboard. Has nothing to do with any other service bulletins or updates for the ECU that actually runs the rest of the car.
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  8. Steven B

    Steven B Active Member

    Agree with @craze1cars. Software version you are seeing is not for the electronic control unit of the car. I don't think owners have a way to know what "patches" have been applied. Only Honda knows in their dealer VIN record database and we have to rely on the honesty/knowledge of the dealers to tell us the truth when confirming that the various ones have/haven't been applied or do not apply. When I finally go in, I hope to get a printout confirming patches applied (and HV battery test).

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