Hidden Kia Niro EV Features

Discussion in 'Kia Niro' started by Andre Laurence, Sep 17, 2019.

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  1. Hello everyone,

    If you are interested in learning about the nitty gritty details of the Kia Niro EV, I have just released a new video that you may be interested in. I have 2 other videos with more features that you can learn about as well... links are in the description of this video.

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  3. Gigi

    Gigi New Member

    Wish you'd released your video about the superior floor mats and cargo liner, before I dropped money on the WeatherTechs.
  4. Man, now I feel bad. Sorry I was not faster with the new video. I am working on it.
  5. RDA

    RDA Member

    So is the video about the mats not out yet?
  6. Not yet. I just received the ones for my wife's car, still sealed. When I received mine I was not really making videos and was too excited to open and install them. I just washed my car (see more on Instagram) and will start filming today. I am just grabbing lunch before I start.
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  8. RDA

    RDA Member

    Oh, ok. Well let us know when it is ready
    Sounds like it will be interesting to those of us who are considering Weather Tech.
  9. Will do.
  10. The video is out as of Monday. I posted it in this forum, but not in here so just in case you missed my other post...
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  11. Robert Lewis

    Robert Lewis Member

    Those look really nice - so nice that I just ordered a set. And, they're cheaper than Weathertechs because of the free shipping in the US!
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  13. Robert Lewis

    Robert Lewis Member

    I saw your re-badge video, and liked how it looked, so I took it an extra step and did the wheel hubs and steering wheel too.

    rear.jpg steering.jpg wheel.jpg
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  14. That looks awesome, I really like the steering wheel. Did you remove the original steering wheel badge first? As for the wheels, I opted to not use the stick on ones because my dealer had some bad results with them; They ended up flying off because they are not 100% centered and the glue ended up drying over the harsher to milder seasons and time. Let me know how they hold up for you, I am really interested to know. Thanks!
  15. Robert Lewis

    Robert Lewis Member

    Actually, these are all overlays. My dealer didn't seem too eager to want to do a re-badge, so I found some nice looking overlays on Amazon. You just gotta be really careful about getting them in the exact right spot. I'm in California, so hopefully they might last longer - no extremes in temp.
  16. DerekA

    DerekA New Member

    Uh... I'm not sure I understand why you would do this...
  17. molund

    molund New Member

    It’s a common mod on the Kia Stinger. The alternate logo is the actual Korean logo for Kia. It confuses people into thinking it’s a Lexus logo and makes your car look more expensive than it is.

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  18. DerekA

    DerekA New Member

    Huh. Ok, I suppose that's important to some people...
  19. You should get a commission on the floor mats, of course I was a salesman in a former life. Bought the mats, here today, installed in about and hour and half, including watching the video. I live in Vermont, 9 miles from the Massachusetts. I have a E-Niro base model. I will come up to Montreal at some point to see what a charging network look like. We have some EV-go chargers, but not all of them have CCS.

    Latest adventure was going to Ikea in Boston and back on less than a full change without my wallet. Needed about forty-five minutes at a level 2 free charger to get enough juice to get home. Where would I have gotten "free" gas?

    Without navigation, I am depending on google maps on my phone, which could get better

    Thank you. Jim
  20. MartyDow

    MartyDow Active Member

    People like to personalize their cars. Chrome delete, wraps, custom wheels and tires are just a few options, including badge swaps. Other mods are mire functional
  21. MartyDow

    MartyDow Active Member

    Like conventional spare tires, footwell and cargo floor liners, etc. To each his own...

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