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  1. ChargePoint

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    Hey everyone, Team ChargePoint here!

    We’ve recently joined the community and we're thrilled to be here taking part in the discussions around EVs!

    If you’re not yet familiar with ChargePoint, we’re the world's largest electric vehicle charging network. You’ve probably seen our charging spots at businesses around town, though we also offer solutions for homes, apartment/condo complexes, and cities, too.

    We’re here at InsideEVs to be a resource to everyone looking for advice, informed opinions, information about EV charging and all the new and exciting things happening in this space.

    If you ever have a ChargePoint specific question, feel free to tag us in your thread, or send us a private message anytime.

    We're looking forward to joining the conversation and can’t wait to meet you all!

    Rochelle H.
    Team ChargePoint
  2. LegoZ

    LegoZ Member

    Hello and welcome,
    I have a Chargepoint Home a few asks:
    1 An Option to set a charge rate that is lower than max and adjustable (I have solar so if I am not in a hurry to charge I’d like to be able to limit the current I am charging at as to not exceed current solar output)

    2 at some point in the future I plan to add a second EV is there any way to separate out the usuage for multiple vehicles?
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  3. bwilson4web

    bwilson4web Active Member

    I recently broke the latch tooth on my J1772 plug. It still works but I really want a dual voltage, portable EVSE. It looks like I can buy an OpenEVSE advanced kit and modify it for my requirements:
    • Dual voltage: 120VAC and 208-240VAC
    • Default 12A on 120VAC
      • Adjustable 8A, 12A (default), and 16A (NEMA 5-20)
    • Default 31A on 208-240VAC
      • Adjustable 16A, 24A, 31A (default), 40A
    • NEMA 14-50 base plug
      • NEMA 10-30 adapter with safety ground
      • NEMA 5-15 adapter
    • Works immersed in a water puddle or heavy rain
    • WiFi or Bluetooth enabled communications via HTTP
    Bob Wilson
  4. 101101

    101101 Member

    Are you looking to keep the charging prices low so as to pass savings on to consumers? If not then I see you as simply another shill effort to protect petrol at least in the US by allow petrol to change how it distributes and only replacing the liquid fuel infrastructure. I'd really like to see a different rate for you guys and indicators at your stations of the amount of CO2 your sources are using and a much higher cost if it entails that. I think you need to source only 100% renewable energy. In CA its possible for a couple dollars a month to get that sourcing for a house hold energy bill and where turned on the energy (because of where the money goes) comes in a fungible sense from 100% electric, wind and hydro.
  5. bwilson4web

    bwilson4web Active Member

    ChargePoint is one of the major installers of commercial EVSE:
    Great coverage across North America.

    Bob Wilson
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  6. WadeTyhon

    WadeTyhon Active Member

    Ignore 101101. He is a Russian troll pretending to be a Tesla fan.

    Welcome to the forum and I hope your team can make a valuable contribution and learn interesting things about owners. I personally prefer EVgo but only because last time I checked, Chargepoint has no DCFC anywhere near me in Dallas. Just L2 stations, which are very reliable overall. I just have no use for public L2 in most situations.

    Any plans to expand DCFC coverage in Texas / Oklahoma / Colorado? :)
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  7. Cypress

    Cypress Active Member

    Great to have an OEM on the forum. My company uses your L2 EVSE for workplace charging at several locations and they have been great.

    I kinda wish I had bought your home unit. Maybe for my next one.

    Bummed you didn’t get a piece of the Electrify America work. But, any plans to try and create a National DCFC network to make highway travel more doable?
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  8. Pushmi-Pullyu

    Pushmi-Pullyu Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the InsideEVs forum! :)

    And please do ignore our *ahem* resident "forum eccentric", 101101. The staff of whatever institution he lives in really shouldn't allow him access to the Internet! ;)
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  9. Apexerman

    Apexerman Member

    ChargePoint provides an easy and reliable public charging service. I'm fortunate to have Level 2 and DC fast charge options within a one mile radius. No issues so far. :)
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  10. ChargePoint

    ChargePoint New Member

    Thanks for your patience here. :) I've checked in with the team, but I'll need to get back to you with more information regarding your solar question! Now, regarding the ChargePoint Home, we currently allow for one account settings page (as you've experienced), however, we do have this on the product roadmap currently! That means that this is something the team is definitely working on for release in the near future!
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  11. ChargePoint

    ChargePoint New Member

    Great question!ChargePoint stations are actually independently owned and operated, so each station owner sets their own rates (or offers free charging) for those stations they make available for use. :)
  12. ChargePoint

    ChargePoint New Member

    Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for the feedback regarding station locations! I'll send a general request for Dallas to the team, however, if you have specific spots in mind just shoot me a private message anytime and I'll let you know how you can send your exact requests to our team directly!
  13. ChargePoint

    ChargePoint New Member

    Many of you saw the news about the ChargePoint Express Plus (delivering up to 400 kW per port) here on InsideEVs so I'm happy to share that we actually do have a quick update regarding DCFC!

    We haven't released very much information publicly yet, so keep in mind that everything that I am able to share at this time is included below. ;)

    We are actively engineering all of our I-5 sites, including the necessary site and utility design work. This is a key part of getting stations installed that are reliable and accessible to all EV drivers.

    We expect all ChargePoint stations on I-5 to be active by October 2018!
    We'll be installing chargers in more than 70+ sites in California this year. There will be a mix of chargers at each site, for example, 1 or 2 DC Fast Chargers & 1 Level 2 AC chargers, including the ChargePoint Express 200, Express 250, Express Plus, and the CT4000. (details on these station models). In total, we will be installing 100+ DC Fast charging stations and 70+ Level 2 chargers.

    The major funding source is CEC grants with additional funds contributed by ChargePoint and the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District. The stations are also part of the West Coast Electric Highway Initiative which involves participation from multiple state agencies.

    That's it for now, though as always, we'll share more with the community when we have new updates or more details available!
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  14. 101101

    101101 Member

    Wow beautiful system but please don't do ads or TV on that kiosk- will avoid you if you do.
  15. LegoZ

    LegoZ Member

    Does ChargePoint spend any time reaching out to state governments requesting they allow billing at a per kWh?

    In Texas currently only REP (retail energy partners) are allowed to sell electricity on a per kWh basis.

    For those members in Texas please contact your state senator and representative to push for allowing EV Charging stations to bill per kWh versus per time spent.

    The current system of billing per time spent is insane.
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  16. LegoZ

    LegoZ Member

    If you are going to give me free electrons I personally don’t care very much :)

    Keep it tasteful and non distracting though, images only, no video or audio and simple transitions.

    Also maybe have two options free with still image advertising and a nominal charge to turn off the ads and blank the screen?
  17. 101101

    101101 Member

    That is going in the right direction but maybe not far enough. Let it be opt in and they have to pay you if you opt in to see ads. I suppose you'd say they pay with free electrons, but no ads if no opt in and no agreed upon free electrons. I think the ad business will be over soon. Smarter search especially honest semantic search will kill it. Expect to see that with stuff like Solid on SAFE Network.
  18. Cypress

    Cypress Active Member

    Any love for I-5 north of CA? (OR and WA?)

    Or the roads East (I-90 for example).
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  19. Cypress

    Cypress Active Member

    I wish there was a dislike button.
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  20. David Green

    David Green Active Member

    not to get off topic, but it looks like Electrify America is going to bless us with options on I-90, and 82 south from Ellensburg... making my wine tasting trips to Walla Walla in the I-Pace range...
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