Heat pump or resistive heater

Discussion in 'Q4 e-tron' started by rarewolf, Apr 5, 2023.

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  1. rarewolf

    rarewolf New Member

    We live in Canada, and currently have an ‘17 Audi Q5. After test driving the Q4 eTron, we would love to would trade the Q5 in. However, I am quite aware of the reports of inefficiency of the VW heat pump, and that it’s been replaced with a resistive heater due to “source supply” reasons.

    I don’t imagine this will hurt local trips to town and home L2 charging, but neither are we in a hurry to get out of our very comfortable and fuel efficient Q5.

    Will the 2024 Q4 eTron be a contender relative to the Tesla MY and Korean EVs? Please advise…

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  3. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    Every EV should have a heat pump.

    I just read this InsideEVs article about the resistive heater replacing the heat-pump. For a $66K vehicle to switch out one of the most important components for an EV seems like a deal-breaker to me.

    I see one available near me but don't know if it has a heat pump or not. I wonder if you can find one that still has the heat pump?

    After watching the resistive heater suck power quickly from my Honda Clarity PHEV's battery, I really appreciate the economy the heat pump in my MINI Cooper SE provides. Of course, having a heat pump is more important for the MINI Electric with its 110-mile range than in the e-trons with their comparatively giant batteries.
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  4. Paul K

    Paul K Active Member

    I have a 2018 Leaf S which all around has been a great car. Thinking that all the Leafs had heat pumps I didn't opt for the next up trim level as I didn't care for what I saw as mostly high tech do dads I could live without. However, it turned out that the base model only has resistive heating. Hit that heat switch and watch 20% vanish from the range calculator.

    Most of the time I can get by with just the seat and steering wheel heaters which are also a must for any EV to help winter range. For my next EV a heat pump will be an absolute must have. I believe a heat pump would only knock about 5% off the range unless it's so cold that the resistive heating has to kick in.
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  5. rarewolf

    rarewolf New Member

    Thanks guys for your input. I do indeed feel it’s necessary for our EV to have a heat pump. I guess I was hoping to hear from someone with insight that Audi was redesigning their heat pump to be more efficient, and that it would be ready in time for their ‘24 Q4 eTron lineup.

    We can be patient and would like to see ourselves in a ‘24 Audi, but it would definitely have to be an upgrade from what Audi is offering for ‘23…


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  6. teslarati97

    teslarati97 Well-Known Member

    The ID.4 heat pump was under performing at cold temperatures so they axed it under the guise of semiconductor shortages. I doubt the heat pump is coming back for the posh ID.4. Even Tesla heat pumps revert to backup resistive heating around -8C, but can also scavenge heat from the batteries/engine with the octovalve/supermanifold system.
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  8. I take a contrary view on this.
    Resistive heaters are dead simple, reliable and cheap.

    The amount of range lost, even in cold climates, doesn't justify the expense. If you can plug in your vehicle while parked, ad preheat the cabin - it's a distinction with little difference.
  9. rarewolf

    rarewolf New Member

    I might agree with you if the Q4 eTron were capable of the charging rates of Tesla and Korean EVs.

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  10. So the pertinent questions follow:

    Do you have longer drives, in coldest weather? Below -20 c it only improves range by 10%.

    That's 42 km under ideal conditions.


    If this is a commuter vehicle, can it be plugged in to L2 at either "end" to condition the battery and cabin before driving?
  11. rarewolf

    rarewolf New Member

    I get your point, but there are other pertinent questions, like… “are you in a rush?”, and… “are you yet satisfied with the technology’s evolution?”

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