Has anyone exceeded the estimated range?

Discussion in 'ID.4' started by Maine EV girl, May 13, 2022.

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  1. Maine EV girl

    Maine EV girl New Member

    I made a reservation for an ID4 Pro S, but know it will be quite awhile, so I've been watching videos to learn more about the car. So far, most have shown the car getting well below the stated estimated range, even in warm weather. Some of the folks seem to he driving more aggressively than I do, and range tests were done on highways.

    A local weatherman has a Niro Ev, and he has said that he gets ~200 miles per charge in the winter, but up to 300 in the summer (estimate ~240 miles). It's a FWD, and the ID4 video I was watching was a RWD. All this is giving me a bit of second-guess-edness.
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  3. SueMC

    SueMC New Member

    I have the ID4 First Edition, RWD. Almost a year now. And I live in CA, so not much cold weather. The very first time I charged I was shocked that it went to 350! But the more you drive it the more the car learns your habits. I am not an aggressive driver and on average my 100% charge takes me to around 300. I'm very happy with that, given VW promotes the car as having a 250 mile battery range. That said, I believe you are not supposed to charge to 100% on a regular basis - VW says 80% is better for the battery (not sure if that is the case with all EVs, or just VW). And that puts me close to 250 range for an 80% charge.
  4. CapeCodI5

    CapeCodI5 Member

    I got my Ioniq 5 the first week in March, when it was still pretty cold. Charging to 80% gave me an estimated range of just over 200 miles. Sometimes 220, once I think I got 230. The last few weeks things have warmed up and now I’m seeing 80% estimates of 250 and better. The factory spec says 255 is the expected. Warm weather makes a tremendous difference. However, I am worried by what I’ll see next January and February.
  5. midsail

    midsail New Member

  6. The Art of Dave

    The Art of Dave New Member

    I have played around with the different modes and found that with my typical driving patterns, I can exceed 250 miles in all of the modes. My most recent test was in Economy mode and was able to get 276 miles starting at 90% SOC. I'm in the upstate of SC so I don't have to worry as much about outside temperature, and we have some rolling hills which help on the descending sections of the road.
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  8. Maineac Bob

    Maineac Bob New Member

    We have had our AWD Pro S since October 21 and are approaching 20,000 miles. Currently, my range is greater than the rating if 240 miles (up to 265), but the weather has been warm. Yesterday I took a drive of about 160 miles round trip. It was rainy, windy and cooler than usually at about 55 to 62 degrees. After charging overnight my full range is about 225 this morning. This was a combination of back roads (45 MPH) and highway (75 MPH) with more highway driving than back roads. There were two of us driving in Eco mode. Over the winter, we took a trip to Sugarloaf, during and extremely cold stretch of weather. It was about 40 below wind chill on the mountain. My range dropped to about 190 miles. I'm not sure what the specific impact of elevation was on my range, but I definitely gained miles of range coming home, so my range while on the mountain may have been less than the 190. Typically, I found that my winter range was around 10% to 15% less than than the ID.4 rated 240 miles of range. I have texted Keith (the weather guy I assume you referred to in your post) about the winter range issue and we both agree that if you understand what the likely change in range will be you just adjust you driving and charging to account for it. I can still easily get to a fast EA charger when heading south the visit my son's family in Massachusetts. With a 20 minute stop in Seabrook I am ready to go again.
  9. Maine EV girl

    Maine EV girl New Member

    Thanks for the reply! It's good to know that you've had a good experience in our weird Maine weather.

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