Has anybody towed with one?

Discussion in 'Cooper SE' started by Kingfisher88, Feb 11, 2024.

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  1. Kingfisher88

    Kingfisher88 New Member

    Hey Everyone.
    I have love the Se for a while now and have the opportunity to buy one at last. I know it will do pretty much everything I want it too. But, I would like to be able to move my motorbike every now and again with it, on line research has came up with lots of varying answers. So
    Does anybody know definitely how much the SE can tow? If at all.

    Has anybody done any towing? If so, how much of a reduction in range did you see.

    The trailer I would be towing would be less than 350kg total load.
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  3. Rexsio

    Rexsio Well-Known Member

    Check YouTube they towing 777 according to spec.you can tow 750 lbs . IMG_1337.jpeg
  4. CuriousGeorge

    CuriousGeorge Well-Known Member

    There's nothing in the owner's manual.
  5. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    Check out this Trailer Hitch thread.
  6. Rexsio

    Rexsio Well-Known Member

    Agree is nothing in owners manual and generally SE is not design for towing ,gas minis yes.I just have a pic.with misinformation about towing with SE I would show here IMG_1339.jpeg
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  8. Kingfisher88

    Kingfisher88 New Member

    Thanks for the replies

    I would assume it would be fine towing the trailer, if a little reduction in range.
    After some more digging around I seem to have found that basically as bmw would have had to put each model variant thought type approval for towing, as its not likely many people would want to tow they didn't seem to put the SE though it.
    So as far as I can make out its not type approved to tow, even though it's is possible to.get a tow bar for it and dedicated electrics.

    I'm still trying to get though to my local dealer to ask, but other than that I could look into getting a sva test to type approve it maybe.
    I don't think this is enough to stop me buying one as I do love how they drive, and it does everything else I need to perfectly.
  9. Rexsio

    Rexsio Well-Known Member

    Mini SE is not on a list and front wheel drive is at least desirable for towing and as Regen can mess up electronics bc dynamics as towing is changing drastically with small unpowered car. IMG_1341.jpeg
  10. SameGuy

    SameGuy Well-Known Member Subscriber

    Having towed with a 3000 lb, front wheel drive car with similar power and torque (Civic Si), IMHO it's just an all-around shitty experience. Add to that the complexities of regeneration and ESC, the likely added wear-and-tear (and possible damage), and it's honestly more hassle than it's worth. For the price of getting the proper trailer hitch and a suitably lightweight trailer, along with what will surely be added expenses in maintenance and repairs, I would just get a dedicated towing vehicle if I needed to tow on a regular basis, or rent a tow vehicle for occasional use.
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  11. Kingfisher88

    Kingfisher88 New Member

    I wouldnt say towing a 300kg trailer is going to make much difference to the drive train or regen
    I could have 3 adult passengers and a little bit if luggage and be close to that. Driven sensibly I think it would be ok.

    I've towed nearly a ton with a small fwd van in the past, smaller than the mini, although it wasn't the best it went ok for the every now and again that it was needed.
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  13. chrunck

    chrunck Well-Known Member

    I agree with this. It's not much weight at all that you want to tow.

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